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  1. With reports coming in this weekend about MON does any body else here think that he will be our next manager?? Also NO is down again theres a suprise
  2. I think he will be here, but I think FS would listen to serious offers of 18+ for him, also i think it would depend on our next manager
  3. I thought I read somewhere, that were not allowed to promote someone else for one game, and that we would have to have a manager appointed
  4. Does anyone know when he is due back, the last I read on the internet, was he was due back at the begining of April?
  5. Thats the kind of wank that I used to read on NO one player makes a mistake certain people critisce and all the lambs follow
  6. Used to be a member of NO dont know why, I think it was because there was always someone there with inside information, but after realising its full of inbreds on there who all know each outside of the forum and just bitch, moan and talk amongst themselve I left, so I came straight over here. So go easy on me
  7. whats with the feud between these two sites
  8. Does any one here listen to TalkSport in the morning? On the way to work this morning, they were reporting that Martin O'neil will be the next Newcastle Manager. That would be great for us lets hope he can get the best out of bramble and boumsong