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  1. Pickford has been a shambles since the cockup of clearance v Ukraine. Its all in his head and he needs to calm down. I suspect he might be a nervous wreck in the final Agree with the Phillips/Rice concerns. I think they are 7/10 players. I can see Rice ending up being a good centre half but his distribution is essentially a 5 yard pass backwards. Veratti/Jorginho wont give them a kick.
  2. Both strikers. Both scuff every shot. Both big lads. Both have decent feet and a trick. I wouldn't say joelinton is pacy either. Having said that I've never seen Joelinton in the flesh.
  3. He is a poor mans Shola. He has nice feet, a decent brain and the physical build to potentially be a PL footballer. Sadly I dont think he'll make it. For his attributes he should be getting 10 goals a season minimum. I don't see his value out wide. He isnt mobile or dynamic enough and doesnt score any/enough goals to play through the middle. He scuffs every shot he has. He seems like a nice bloke and its not his fault we spunked £40m on him but he hasnt hit the expectations of even a £10m player. Sadly we'll be lumped with him for years to come and possibl
  4. Raised by Wolves. Loved it but the ending was lost-esque.
  5. What is our possession percentage that half? I bet its embarrassing.
  6. Joshua generally plans meticulously for fights so I think it's too tight to call at the mo. He generally struggles when an opponent pulls out and he has alter his plans for the new fighter. It will be a hell of fight if they manage to get it on.
  7. Joshua looked back to his old self last night. Should set up the Fury fight nicely. 50-50 for me. I can't call it at the mo. It could well end in a trilogy.
  8. I havent really kept an eye on him too much but he looked good at Euro 2016 but then again Gary Breen played like a world beater in 2002.
  9. Yeah, He more or less retired a couple of season ago. I was more implying that he has the style of play that could eek out a few more years (eg Crouch).
  10. I couldn't help start reading the reviews on there. Who takes their time to write a review on this ?!?
  11. I completely forgot about him. Might be useful to give him a 1 year extension so he can help us out in the championship next season
  12. Sums up where we are to be honest.
  13. If he can keep himself fit he is the type of player that could play into his late 30s. Not saying that's at the top level but it doesn't really matter if he loses half a yard of pace as it would to other players. Thats completely neglecting he is made of glass of course.
  14. I think a huge portion of the country don't care about politics at all and won't even link the two together.
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