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  1. Great news for the area. I was just about to apply for a job in the area after 20 years away as well the day before this broke. A good time to come home.
  2. Would just be classic NUFC if we got relegated this season
  3. Pickford has been a shambles since the cockup of clearance v Ukraine. Its all in his head and he needs to calm down. I suspect he might be a nervous wreck in the final Agree with the Phillips/Rice concerns. I think they are 7/10 players. I can see Rice ending up being a good centre half but his distribution is essentially a 5 yard pass backwards. Veratti/Jorginho wont give them a kick.
  4. Both strikers. Both scuff every shot. Both big lads. Both have decent feet and a trick. I wouldn't say joelinton is pacy either. Having said that I've never seen Joelinton in the flesh.
  5. He is a poor mans Shola. He has nice feet, a decent brain and the physical build to potentially be a PL footballer. Sadly I dont think he'll make it. For his attributes he should be getting 10 goals a season minimum. I don't see his value out wide. He isnt mobile or dynamic enough and doesnt score any/enough goals to play through the middle. He scuffs every shot he has. He seems like a nice bloke and its not his fault we spunked £40m on him but he hasnt hit the expectations of even a £10m player. Sadly we'll be lumped with him for years to come and possibl
  6. Raised by Wolves. Loved it but the ending was lost-esque.
  7. What is our possession percentage that half? I bet its embarrassing.
  8. Joshua generally plans meticulously for fights so I think it's too tight to call at the mo. He generally struggles when an opponent pulls out and he has alter his plans for the new fighter. It will be a hell of fight if they manage to get it on.
  9. Joshua looked back to his old self last night. Should set up the Fury fight nicely. 50-50 for me. I can't call it at the mo. It could well end in a trilogy.
  10. I havent really kept an eye on him too much but he looked good at Euro 2016 but then again Gary Breen played like a world beater in 2002.
  11. Yeah, He more or less retired a couple of season ago. I was more implying that he has the style of play that could eek out a few more years (eg Crouch).
  12. I couldn't help start reading the reviews on there. Who takes their time to write a review on this ?!?
  13. I completely forgot about him. Might be useful to give him a 1 year extension so he can help us out in the championship next season
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