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  1. They’ve completely missed the point about food etiquette. This would cause zero offence to a Frenchman.
  2. Im loving the bit where he basically says.......fuck it, Im not taking the long route around so I'll just take the hiding. Classic Mackem logic.
  3. They must have all had one of those E-coli laced Bacon and Chicken wraps from M&S while watching the game..
  4. Yeah, first and foremost he is a different player from left back and right back. He is a non-attacking threat when on the left but very creative on the right. Secondly, he hasn't been in the best of form since he left the England camp a few months back. He is also struggled for fitness when he has got back. All in all I thought he did well last night in an unfamiliar position. You take away all his positive attributes when playing LB. I think Walker would also be the same. Edit: As England are scrapping the barrel for LBs I'd be tempted to play Joe Gomez there and tuck in a bit. Maybe play Gordon down the wing. with Walker pushing up the other. It would be pretty lopsided but Tripper offers very little attacking threat down that wing anyway.
  5. Bellingham is a class act to be fair. He makes the game look like a walk in the park.
  6. In this case we've also got a right back playing left back and a CB that has never even played in a European competition. It's a good team but defensively I'd worry when up against better teams. Perhaps thats why Gareth is more cautious.. Having said all that, I genuinely don't care how we get on. I just hope the NUFC players do well.
  7. We are missing a good number 8. Someone with a great engine who can get box to box. Step forward...
  8. 👆 Yep. I voted for him but hindsight I think he would have been terrible. It was the only chance of stopping BoJo the clown though. It was a shit show of a vote.
  9. I’m just going to throw this one out there. It might be a bit left field but stay with me…..maybe the players aren’t as good as the media thinks. We’ve heard it so many times over the years.
  10. England got the win. It wasn’t a particularly inspiring performance and the team will change as we go. As I’ve said before the team that flies out the traps never really wins it. Im sure if they win every game win 1-0 then the nation will be delighted (bar Wykiki wanting us to play like Brazil 1970).
  11. You lot wanting Watkins or Toney to start ahead of Kane. LOLZ.
  12. The winners of these tournaments always start slow.
  13. Wharton for me. I can’t stand Mainoo.
  14. Cracking spray then shot from TAA. Not sure any other player in the team could have done that.
  15. It’s not really his position but I trust in my boy Gareth. He knows what he is doing.
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