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  1. Why are you still watching? Its like getting dumped then going out with the ex and her new man for dinner.
  2. Actually, zathras looks he got in first with the thread start. whats protocol here?
  3. it’s a massiev knee jerk reaction to possibly our biggest game of the season.
  4. Yeah. We’ve been dogshit away from home all season. 1 win v Sheff Utd. That’s all. we concede a lot and don’t score many. I’m not sure what the answer is. I’m sure missing Botman seems to be half the problem. Lascelles gets found out away.
  5. If we get through the CL then we might still have a bit more pulling power.
  6. And now he is suspended for Fulham. Might have been handy to throw on as an option in that game. Not that Howe would have rested him anyway.
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