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  1. Recommend me something to watch!

    Is this on Netflix?
  2. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    I think Kramaric was the one Leicester signed a couple of seasons ago and did nowt.
  3. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    I liked it more than the first one. More depth this time. It took a while to get the jokes flowing but nailed it in the second half.
  4. Recommend me something to watch!

    Aye. Bonkers. .
  5. Only in America

    It'll probably always be ingrained in their culture and politicians are too scared to oppose it as it it would be career suicide. Having said that they have to start the slow process now. Banning assault rifles is a must.
  6. Internet Service Providers

    Not quite. Normally openreach engineers are dispatched via your ISP to fix issues from home to exchange but the bigger ISPs unbundle the exchanges, thus using their own infrastructure. But an ISPs customer service makes it worthwhile, especially if you have an issue. Talk Talk are well known to have horrific customer support.
  7. Recommend me something to watch!

    After someone on here suggested Inside No. 9, ive done all 4 series. Absolute class.
  8. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Yeah, they seem to be shoehorning cloverfield into random, independent movies.
  9. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Cloverfield Paradox. Errrr, i strangely enjoyed the atmosphere and acting but the script was a shambles.
  10. Recommend me something to watch!

    Dark is absolutely fantastic. I've got 2 eps to go.
  11. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Saw Mollys Game last night. Very average movie but wonderful melons. Chastain has gone up in my estimation.
  12. Recommend me something to watch!

    Does anybody want to see a decent copy of the Justice League film ?
  13. The Walking Dead

    Yeah, they've never deviated from the main social storyline. The needed some sort of mutation (like intelligent zombies) or work towards the cure.
  14. The Walking Dead

    Ive given up on it after a few episodes this series. Its just repetitive now.
  15. The Boxing thread

    Yeah, he came in at the last minute though as Ortiz had failed a drug test. He wasnt even close to being in shape.

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