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  1. He is 24 . I thought he was about 21.
  2. Best game Longstaff has played in a few years?
  3. Yeah, he also said he'd have liked to play for us if he had to leave Man Utd.
  4. Almiron struggles on the right as well so would make sense to go traditional with these two. At least Wood/Wilson would get more service
  5. Id test the waters with Lukaku. He'd get us up the league if he is in the right frame of mind.
  6. Looking at the remaining fixtures and using my crystal ball its going to very tight but I see Leeds going down. Everton have a lot of winnable games to come.
  7. In other news. Now that the run is over and hoodoo broken - I will be watching the next game.
  8. I genuinely hope he does get a cap. Imagine us even dreaming of having two Brazilian International centre midfielders in our team 6 months ago.
  9. Looking forward to Raised by Wolves 2. Out next month but already been 2 eps in YoooSA
  10. Game number 3 I chose not to watch of the season. Win number 3. Im missing all the fun but taking one for the team. Gary Neville "Ohhhhhhhh, where do you want your statue Holden McGroin"
  11. Im still a bit surprised we haven't gone for Ramsey on loan. Worth the fitness gamble.
  12. I used to live there. its more like 90% of them. But then they forget about their "other" team, until they go down of course. I hate their fan base (well the 90% of them).
  13. I still wouldn't fancy him from 10 yards with an open goal gaping.
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