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  1. Perfect time to sell Owen to Man City....

    Whos got the biggest belly, Ronaldo or Viduka?
  2. Perfect time to sell Owen to Man City....

    I would rather Martins go than Owen but then I think Defoe is better than them both. Just need a new big'n now.
  3. Le Fil De Deschamps In/Out De Fonctionnaire!

    Deschamps 22/08/06 “He’s a true, pure-bred defender with great physical qualities," Deschamps told the club's official website. "He has good experience, having played for the French national side, and offers the security we are looking for in defence. "He will give us something extra at the back.”" Have a guess who he was talking about!!!
  4. So Hughes then?

    You can add to that Michael Carrick who Alan Oliver, to this day keeps quoting as a local lad, despite the fact he chose West fucking Ham, then Spurs over us when Fat Fred kept begging him to come home. I just don't get it with BC, seeing as he's had exactly the same upbringing as Jack and Jack is so obviously proud of his roots. Fair do's Bobby had a great playing career with ManUre so he's going to feel an affinity with Manchester, but it's not as if Jack played his career in the Leeds Sunday League. He had a great career in an excellent Leeds team, yet somehow unlike Bobby he is still able to remember where he's from. Fucking can't stand him or his fucking ludicrous Whip-over hairdo (as was) Bobby Charlton was always a spineless fish who often got chinned by big bro Jack when he was a kid. This might explain his need to escape his Ashington roots. He's probably still getting chinned to this day. Aye and he coudnt be arsed to go to his mothers funeral. Fucking vomit. Cant stand the cunt.
  5. Ronaldo

    Ronaldo is a canny player like. But then again so is Vidic. Ferdinand, Giggs, Tevez, Carrick and Evra. Oh and that Rooney can play a bit as well.
  6. Is Redknapp In?

    Aye good point happy. But another waste of an opportunity IMO.
  7. Is Redknapp In?

    Redknapp has cancelled his friday press conference. Maybe he just wants to avoid the questioning about NUFC but he could have used it as the perfect opportunity to state his intention of staying with pompey. Hes defo on his way.
  8. Keegan

    Heard from someone close to Beardsley that when Keegan was here for the talk in last month that Ashley's men were on the phone to Beardsley all day trying to get Keegan to meet him. Apparantly he refused stating NUFC already had a manager. (Good job he didnt have morals when Ozzie had the job!!) Just a rumour know but I thought I would share.
  9. betting

    Skybet have suspended betting on jose! http://www.skybet.com/skybet?action=GoEvEv&id=11082720

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