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  1. best team won. England have been playing shite teams , qualifying and group stages. this is the first time they played a world class team, they were found out. at least I wont have to listen to any more 1966 and England are gunna win the world cup. England are what 8,9,10 in the world rankings ? was anyone expecting them to win except the media ? everyone seems to think the premiership is the best league in the world and so any of the England players in it playing supremely well, stick em together and you've got a world class team, that can win the world cup ... errr NO !!!
  2. I thought the golden rule for defenders was that when clearing a ball , don't clear it across your own goal. Collochini crossed into our box to oncoming forwards on at least two occasions... (not just aimless toe pokes, decent crosses ! ... maybe we could play him on the wing)
  3. did you not notice Habib Beye ... he was definitely getting stuck in (as usual)!
  4. the free was given for barton elbowing agbonlahor as he passed by, just previous to this. the ref clearly indicated so, (the setanta commentators are blind!)
  5. there's some seriously good strikers playing for other premiership sides in the premiership. but if you had to name someone you'd like up front on they're own is there anyone better than Owen. he's not as fast as he was (he was very fast) but if you had a strike force that might get you half a ball in 90 mins I think I'd go for Owen. and he's our's and I'm thinking only good thoughts at the moment. good football player all the same, (I think If I was Micheal Owen and they brought Shola on , I'd walk off. Thats another thing. Professionalism) bring on a second division player (no d
  6. I very much doubt Keegan expected it to go as it has (either it would go his way or they'd sack him and get someone else). It's taken some spectacular fuckupology to get us to this point. Keegan didn't have any thought for how it might go. he was told by his boss he had last say on transfers , then he found he hadn't . should he have said , oh well , better just bite my lip and keep my head down or things might go to shit , down the line. keegan did the only thing he could, he didn't get the chance to weigh his actions with their future consequences.
  7. pure class, I'm crying with the laughing ... need more. I'm off to watch it again. uguysarefunny ... no really
  8. yeah relax maaan ... no worries ... man.u away from home ... no problem ... get yourself some decent weed . pre season is for finding out about verifying your worst worries about playing the donkey and Mr. Smith up front. I mean they are only backup all the same ... Martins and Owen get injured and we're better off playing Given and Harper up front. Terry said Sholas pretty big and you could expect at least one chance in fiftty could bounce in off him at corners etc .. so were all set , no worries ... like ... bring it on.
  9. the guy on setanta sports just said this is our strongest team bar Given missing. does that mean Ameobi and Smith have taken over from Owen and Martins.!!!! jesus
  10. If we had bought Hutton and Woodgate we could take a couple of points from Man.U. hmm ... I know we're playing the long game like , lots of young players (no oldies who won't come here) but I'm still hoping for the instant grantification like kev.
  11. sorry miss read, I thought that was Keegan welcomes change at Bolton,
  12. Was that supposed to be funny? Was that supposed to be funny? You flid, answering a question with a question - I'd love to smash a paving slab into your face. so you think we're ok for a clean sheet against Bolton?
  13. I remember that bloke when you'd be proud to have him in any fantasy football team, assists and creative passing shit out your ears .. then he joined us and turned into Alan Smith ... maybe kev will have a word in the ear and he'll turn back into 5+ mill
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