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  1. This hasn't quite went as he planned, has it?
  2. I made one a while ago with iGod on Not sure if I still have a copy though
  3. All sung every week in the Leazes L7 corner!
  4. A couple of lads I know (Mackems and Mags) were out on Sat and saw some of the bother - they said that it was evidently the hooly brigade out, and that the 'Mackems' (not Mackem football fans I'd suggest) who were acting the cunts, one of them kicked fuck out the copper's dog, and the copper lost his rag and twatted him over the head leaving him bloody as fuck. They said both sides were well out of order, but I suppose in a small bit of defence to the copper, if you worked with an animal like that every day and someone attacked it, you'd be tempted to lash out. Problem is, as a copper, you need to justify that and I don't think he could.
  5. Dreadful on the Wii by all accounts. Bought it in Asda on PS3 for £25 - love it.
  6. Fuck me - this would almost be the final straw for me. O'Leary is up there with my most hated people in football. I'll never forget the twat when he was at Leeds with his "Dey are a young soide, still lorning in de goim" fuck off. I've been relatively quiet over pre-season to see how things pan out but fuck me, David O'fuckinLeary?
  7. Surely someone would have seen it on SSN themselves if it was true?!
  8. I'm sure this was another of t0m's arsehole windups on Skunkers. It's bollocks, innit?
  9. Plain black back. I'm always on the money when it comes to irrelevant, kit-related shit.
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