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  1. I'm sure it can't be that bad... looks like a better one than I have playing Dream Team. Entry for the Sprint Finish game runs til Saturday I think. 2nd chance at glory T-Keith! Just know my luck. My team will end up wiped out with injuries in tonight's internationals!
  2. It's gonna be another tough one this weekend. Villa won't want to lose 2 in a row and will be mighty tough to beat down there. What do you reckon? Draw or could we muster a win. Owen needs to start producing the goods consistently now more than ever.
  3. I don't really follow American Football was a mate of mine's a huge Giants fan, so pleased for him. He needs to follow a real football team though!
  4. Watched Donnie Darko again. Always find it disturbing but intriguing.
  5. Thought this might help a few folks out: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/health/cheap-glasses
  6. I regret going for Defoe over Anelka but at least he'll start games at Pompey. Didn't have much choice as I didn't quite have enough for Anelka and was happy with the rest of me team.
  7. Not been doing so well with my FPL team. So far behind the guys from work in our mini league that I'd be better off letting me dog Toto take over. Tempted by the Sprint Finish competition the Sun have got on although I might be better off spending the £3 entry fee on a pint and some chips with my track record.
  8. Once we get that first win under Kev we'll be roaring (still mightily disappointed with a draw today though)
  9. Gutted we didn't win. Had a couple of good chances to wrap it up. Grrrr!!!
  10. REALLY looking forward to it... cheers for the info about the extra dates
  11. i think the website he was refering to is alluc.org , it has loads of stuff on there streaming. A good site for watching streaming footy matches online: http://livefooty.doctor-serv.com/ You'll need a decent connection speed and even then no guarantee the streams will be 100%
  12. toon_army


    Hi. Just thought I'd say a quick hello as I'm a newbie to the forum. Hope everyone's had a great weekend. T_A
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