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  1. Rafa Benitez

    Rafa: “Our fans are very clever. They know what is going on. Yet they'll still pack out the stadium? give over Rafa, they're thick as mince.
  2. Yes Gemmill...

    RIP Gazza's Dad.
  3. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    £15 million for Mitro and then add another £5 million to get a player along the same lines as Mitro, genius.
  4. Other Games 17/18

    What about the away grounds?
  5. Rafa is away at the weekend.
  6. Are the FA totally detatched from how he runs the club and treats the paying public etc? there really should be something in place from the FA.
  7. VAR... really??

    VAR, what is it good for?
  8. 0-10( De Bruyne 3, Sane 2, Sterling 2, Aguero 1, Silva 1, Jesus 1).
  9. West Ham United vs Newcastle United - 23/12/17 @ 3pm

    Shit selection saviours.
  10. West Ham United vs Newcastle United - 23/12/17 @ 3pm

    That's some serious shit right there. He's gonna get sectioned.
  11. Those useless pricks vs Everton

    Relegated takeover.
  12. This pack of arseholes vs West Brom

    Yedlin completely unaware he's alive.

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