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  1. Kevin Keegan Resigns as manager

    this must be true as the media are reporting it and by now the club would have released a statement denying it anyone know of a way to cancel your season ticket payments?
  2. pubs in town opening early on sunday?

    the clock is open at 10 defo as i will be there are you sure the garter is open at 8 on a sunday thats the midweek opening time "cough" i never go in either .............................. much prices are a disgrace in the garter too
  3. Mourinho on Keegan

  4. The SMBs have got tickets in our end.

    i remember the game with them in the box i used to sit in milburn "E" block and yeah there was hell on a story went round at the time that they got caught leaving got a clip aside the lug and told not to come to the civilised world again.................... or something like that didnt the stewards and plod pull a few out of our end and go into the box? and on the original issue i dont think there will be many in our end and your right they wont dare show themselves especially as it seems the police are isolating the whole of barrack road they will be stuck not being able to get back to the away end

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