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  1. Okay, is Leicester away a generally over subscribed match? I know they only got promoted so that might be hard to answer. Also are the games that get over subscribed the bigger matches like Sunderland away, Man U, Man City, Chelsea?
  2. Hello, I'm from Australia and I'm going on a Holiday in Europe where I'll be spending a week in England from the 1st of may to the 8th. The only NUFC game that lines up during that period is Leicester away on the 3rd. It with be devastating going to England and not seeing a NUFC match. I know that its possible to get tickets sitting with home fans through 3rd party websites but this is a last resort for me as not being with NUFC fans wouldn't be as enjoyable. So hopefully I would be able to get a ticket in the NUFC allocation, I sent an email to the club explaining my circumstance and sita
  3. bjquick


    Sorry wolfy, but that has got to be one of the worst metaphors I've ever read.
  4. I don't know how you can compare the two. Winning TDF and winning a major in tennis are no mean feats and are both the top honours in their respective sports but its chalk and cheese. And he faced neebody? Fuck that he beat everyone he needed too and deserves all the credit he's getting. Its obvious how hard he trains and he had the legs in the 5th while joker died on his ass.
  5. Retard forgot about Tasmania when he was painting Australia on his back
  6. Confirmed on Sydney's website that he has signed. I'm a Newcastle jets fan and I can't wait to watch him play live, the only other player of similar quality I've seen live was Beckham and that was incredible.
  7. That miss by carrol was pretty bad but it wont be the only chance he gets this game. There will be a red card for sure in this match. If barton does a challenge half as bad as what the wolves players are doing he will be sent
  8. Fucking hate wolves. Should be leading this game. Lets see what hughton can spark up at half time
  9. Fuck me. Iraq stream is up now , just as they fucking score.
  10. That is a fucking horrible tackle. Nowhere near the ball
  11. From the Running commentary by the prem league website it sounds as if we are playing very good but just need to get a goal
  12. Same lineup as villa according to premier league website Edit: anyone with a working river please pm
  13. Foxsports in Australia which covers all the games is having the break in transmission for Blackpool v Fulham and the Newcastle Game. Can anyone send us a river
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