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  1. wise has been caught moonlighting.
  2. http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/index.ph...822b0c347da6896
  3. http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/index.ph...8f9de7e3a25828e http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/index.ph...14e36037d8c9fa8 http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/index.ph...e6e2c14b11b71db
  4. if we're very lucky we'll get out of this with both ashley and keegan at the club. if one goes, i wont be so optimistic.
  5. i think we should wait and find out what actually has happened before wishing death on our chairman tbh.
  6. really? Who? Man City & Tottenham. Sunderland have also improved their squad more than we have. Mind you ours is still better than theirs by some distance, but in theory they've closed the gap somewhat. Villa have also improved - that Milner lad looks to have a good future . Everton haven't improved much, but Saha could be a key signing for them IF he actually plays (and that's a big IF). city and spurs have signed better players, but both are in europe and have much more spending power. if we'd had spurs transfer window we'd be fuming as well. they've signed a lot
  7. ok Ant, who exactly were you expecting to sign? Considering we were linked with the likes of Modric etc back in January (when us getting euro football was out of the question and the likes of spurs hadn't qualified or won the cup yet) to signing unheard of player on loan and youngsters who prob shouldn't be making the 1st team. i think we should have at least been able to compete with the likes of Portsmouth for players like Diarra etc (hadn't qualified for europe then either) Think i'd happily have had Defoe at the time and all if nacho is un heard of then what exactly was
  8. i'd say a lot depends on how good nacho is. i would have prefered one more CM and another defender, but thats good.
  9. who have improved more? city withstanding, if we'd had any of the other 19 PL team's transfer windows we would be fuming right now.
  10. Then do us all a favour and literally fuck off. how about you fuck off yourself you wanna be an optimistic fucker happy with those signings fine i think I'll stick with waiting to see what there like and keeping my opinion due to their piss poor stats at former clubs, previous experience etc sorry a striker with a 1/4 ratio and a midfielder from a club who nearly got relegated and couldn't manage to get on for them doesn't instill great prospects why everyone thinks we've managed decent signings before seeing any of them kick a ball considering not a single fcking one of the o
  11. I do think thats it for us. Just waiting to see if Berb fell through Still odd that we sold Milner without lining up a replacement (unless Jonas was it) you're probably right, but i doubt keegan was doing nowt on deadline day, but we had no coverage of breaking transfers on ssn, so that makes me feel that we were doing things ssn were not aware of, or were not looking at because of berb and robinho. whether we signed those players is another matter, although, because the official site announced the 2, we probably didn't complete any late deals we were going for, if we were goi
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