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  1. Tickets Offered

    Go to the box office! They Have my ticket back I couldn't go
  2. Have you ever been best mates with a Pro

    My grandad worked down the pits with wor Jackie MY mate is Dennis Tuearts Nephew (he scored that bastard of a goal in 76) I went to school with Martin Brittain, James Debbage who used to play for the youth team My Mam works with Lee Clarks Sister and she's married to an Ex newcastle player a think its paul bracewell don't hold me on it like I'm friends with Oba Martins on facebook lol
  3. What's your derby record for games you were at?

    Home 2007/8 P1 D0 L0 Only been to one game but going the away game this year which is going to be bitchin
  4. Tickets Offered

    HAHA I've got a ticket now I'm frigin :Dbuzzing now I can't believe it !
  5. Tickets Offered

    Leave it. Cheers anyway. Thats what I'm offering lol for a ticket
  6. Tickets Offered

    150 + a pint take it or leave it
  7. Tickets Offered

    Anyone got a Sunderland Away ticket-must be in the away section give upto 200 quid for it just give iz a buzz if you do cheers!
  8. football programes

  9. football programes

    Try the packpage I know they buy and sell old programmes

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