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  1. FIFA 10

    everytime i try to play online i always get message that ea servers are not available and to try again later anyone else had this problem ? im on ps3 and my internet connection is working for everything else, cheers if anyone can help
  2. utter bollocks defending by enrique he should have put it in the stand. amateurs from top to bottom
  3. football programes

    any one have any idea of the best places to sell old matchday programes? i have a large amount that i want to get rid of including the fairs cup final and the semi against rangers. thinking of trying ebay cheers
  4. Arsenal vs NUFC

    TVU english commentry
  5. Arsenal vs NUFC

    match on TVU player live stream
  6. Celtic game tonight

    i think its to do with the world club championship being next week!
  7. The goal you went maddest for?

    rob lee against chelsea in fa cup semi david kelly against pompey and liam obrien against mackems and joker park in the promotion season!
  8. The Bad Taste Joke Thread....

    Colin Mc Raes wife has taken all her money out of Northen Rock. She's now with Scotish Widows

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