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  1. cheers, stevie, exactly the kind of advice I'm looking for.
  2. Something tells me you've never tried living and working there. Who knows though, maybe you'd like being the "mexicans' mexican"... I suppose I could at least watch them at Old Trafford instead of Preston. Thanks for the helpful advice.
  3. Haha... I just saw that for the first time the other night on ITV. (Pretty bad flick IMO) That's not really what I was afraid of - as much as I don't particularly want to get my head bashed in, as long as I don't get killed it's not really a big deal with the NHS and all... I've convinced my father to come as I don't have any other contacts here yet, so I just want it to be an enjoyable experience for us and I want to cheer for "my" team without being a completely ignorant fool about it. I didn't even know whether I needed to buy away tickets from NUFC or the Preston site... Anyw
  4. I suspect some of you are going to jump all over this one.... I've just moved to the UK and am in Lancashire (I'll be going anywhere I can find a job - and I'm definitely looking in Newcastle). Anyway, Preston is the best opportunity for me to go see NUFC live for the first time. It'll also be my first live football match in Europe, so I am looking for a bit of advice... I suppose that if I want to wear my Newcastle strip I had better sit in the away end - is there anything special I need to do to get one of those tickets? Should I keep the shirt covered until sitting with the other
  5. OK, so that last attempt at the "Obama - Hope" poster add didn't work. I totally understand. I was trying to use the accent colors from the crest and by the time I was finishing the lions share of the work (tracing in illustrator) I was to tired to play around to find a composition that worked. Hopefully this is better and some of you might enjoy it for the remaining games this season. Howay the lads!
  6. This thread inspired me to make a new avatar... For posterity I'll post it here:
  7. For the remainder of the season... Removed - awful attempt.
  8. Good morning sir, have you arrived here from Victorian times? Further back than that - or at least that's how I felt last night when I wrote it.... Anyways I figure you know what I meant, but yeah I don't know where the hell that came from. sheesh
  9. I hope he's right!!! My head is spinning - I really don't know what to make of Big Al's decision to jump in now, but in any event my hope is alighted once again.
  10. Amen! I've always loved Owen as a player. I also really like Oba, but none of it makes any difference in our current position unless they ALL start producing on the field.
  11. I'm afraid I'm basing this on the second half. I only saw from our goal onward via internet stream... However the commentating that I was following on eurosport before I could get a stream made it seem like the first goal by Hull was more because of a weak start (nerves?) that we quickly started recovering from.
  12. Am I delusional? I really thought this game was ours for the taking. Hull had some moments, but overall we were the better side. Once again though, despite our position and the importance of the match, it seemed there was some serious passion missing. Nowhere near the effort they put into the ManU game. If it wasn't for the other results it seems we'd already be relegated...
  13. I find this part particularly bothersome. If they indeed had valid reason to suspect then they should forge ahead without regard for the fact he's footballer. If, on the other hand they didn't have any reason to suspect then what the hell are they doing picking these guys up in the first place? I certainly hope that thanks to this exposure they'll be made more accountable to the public. I wonder how many undergo similar treatment everyday without having the advantage of being recognised as famous...? (It really gets me ruffled, as someone very close to me was accused wrongly of a terri
  14. Really glad that you guys like them. I enjoy making them, but with 4 kids and an intense job I don't have a ton of time to let my mind just freely imagine, so if you have any ideas/requests let me know! It helps to keep me from despairing while waiting for the beautiful game to return to SJP. ;-) Plus, given my incredible ignorance compared to most on this forum it allows me to contribute something...
  15. Here you go Craig: and another for good measure:
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