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  1. Well let's look at it then. Bassong will certainly earn more money next season than this but there is no way he's going to get a fifty grand-a-week contract off anybody. No chance. On your second point, how has he had a 'torrid time'? He came here on trial, Keegan liked him, so he went from whatever buttons he was on in France to five grand per week here. As far as what 'he deserves' goes, I bet you've never watched him all the way through any other game than against your lot, but you think you know anyway. You know fuck all about Bassong.
  2. When he could be earning ten times as much at a Premiership club? He has had a torrid time since his arrival at Newcastle, 4 different managers in 1 season, one of your lowest paid but best performing players while he watched others around him playing like they couldn't give a toss and picking up 60 grand a week. If your objective then you can see why he wants to leave. Its not like you can sudenly offer him the money he deserves in your current state. None of that makes any sense at all. All you ever do is post complete shit.
  3. I should think so too you daft cunt
  4. Oh aye one other thing. If you go with Sky for internet make sure your area isn't currently oversubscribed first. If it is, they'll put you on this interim package they call Sky 'connect', and it's terrible.
  5. New line install is £125 I think. I've got Sky internet and it's alright like (£10 for the 'max' package) but the cable/NTL package I had a few years back was much better I found.
  6. I go along with the view that this is all just free publicity for this Profitable Group outfit and they aren't serious at all. Loads of this shite was knocking around last time as well.
  7. I'll be betting all next week at Ascot Besty. Your rules mean if I choose to I can post any winning bets I've had after the event and conveniently forget to post any losers
  8. That's exactly what all fans will be feeling just now. He's spent two years cocking things up left right and centre and has now just written it off as a bad job, had a bit moan about the money he's lost and said to fuck with it. He once referred to the club as 'one of the crown jewels of the premiership' - some custodian he's turned out to be.
  9. Well I can see you placed the bet on time but if you don't post the tip on here before the race you can't be counting it surely? Like I say if it had got beat I bet you'd not have let on. Not that it matters much like as it's just a daft tipping competition but it's blatantly taking the piss
  10. Have i got this right? Are you trying to count that in the comp? That is shocking aftertiming like Besty Would you have put it up after the event had it got beat?
  11. Aye the phrases 'three or four' along with 'serious interest' were Harris's constant refrain last time round. I still think the club will be sold though. As I've said before I can't believe there won't be interest if it's £100mil all in. But Ashley's made himself look so desperate that buyers must be fancying their chances of getting the price down further. The trouble is if the haggling process takes six weeks or so we're knackered as far as preparation goes for next season.
  12. Quotes from Llambias apparently (from N-O). I struggle to believe anything that comes out of that slimebag's gob but I suppose the talk of interested parties direct from the MD is slightly encouraging.
  13. This song seemed to follow me round for months - every pub I was in, anytime I was near a radio or whatever this lump of musical turd would turn up. I hate it with a passion.
  14. If you mean he's stupid enough to miss the satire and enjoy Rigsby's comical ignorance then aye, probably, although Love Thy Neighbour might be a better bet. Rising Damp's long been my favourite sitcom of all time. Superbly written and cast. I once had a pint with Don Warrington in the Stage Door. He's as cool as fuck
  15. Aye. If it's £100mil in total though I'm amazed there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest. Whoever buys Everton, for example, will have another £3-400mil to find on top of purchase price to fund a stadium. We've got ours in place and paid for, and it would require far less investment to turn us into a UEFA-challenging club with a guaranteed 50,000 crowd every week. They'd have to get the football side right of course but anyone interested in buying a football club must believe they can achieve that or there'd be no point getting involved.
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