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  1. Osama Bin Laden

    The new Bin Laden drink..... You need 2 shots and a splash of water!
  2. Best Of Youtube

    more mince than Dewhursts!!
  3. The Bad Taste Joke Thread....

    In Japan, they don't go to the beach.... The beach comes to them!!
  4. The Bad Taste Joke Thread....

    I see Newcastle united are huge in Japan at the moment....people keep running around shouting "toon army, toon army"....oh wait....I misheard them, they're shouting Tsunami, Tsunami ............................................. I know it's crap, but I've only been awake for 5 minutes.
  5. Best Of Youtube

    Fuck me, we complain about the size of the potholes in this state! nothing like this one.
  6. Best Of Youtube

    Not me.....would have been in Geordie if it was!
  7. Best Of Youtube

    Watch NY sanitation destroy a parked SUV!
  8. Leslie Nielsen

    Leslie Nielsen Dies at age 84 http://www.khq.com/Global/story.asp?S=13578758 ‎"I am serious, and quit calling me Shirley"
  9. Funny pictures thread

  10. Best Of Youtube

    Holy Shit....he survived too.
  11. The Hundred Pushup Challenge

    http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=658...ainColumnArea.0 4 year old does 1500 push ups in 40 minutes!
  12. Best Of Youtube

    41 yard free kick!
  13. 3 year old girl gone missing in portugal

    Agreed. This is my worst fear in life.

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