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  1. He would be better off here than Notts Country, surely... defo, but I doubt Ashley offered anything worthwhile and Newcastle isn't as pretty a club to look at considering the slow but sure exodus of players away from the club, even so Notts County I mean really, we must have offered him nothing :S
  2. good win good goal more games like that and ill be happy Carroll going off wasnt amazing but meh...
  3. omg, Solano was so close to score an absolute pearler, hit the top corner and rebounded away simple goal for him in the end tho, nice little tap in Ameobies penalty was like somet out of Shearers training book, right in the bottom left keeper guessed right but couldnt make it, the decision i dont think was contreversial, the player shouldve been red carded and wasnt so instead we got a penalty
  4. did you know the number of bones in your body matches the number of goals Alan Shearer has scored for Newcastle
  5. yeah im doing that to 125858[/snapback] wtf? 125864[/snapback] im officially freaked out
  6. wtf? 125821[/snapback] youre scraing me now
  7. jesus wept....have you got no mates ...did you stay in and watch ALL those tonight ??? 125794[/snapback] lol...no thats like over two/three months
  8. V for Vendetta - What an amazing movie. Going into i saw newspapers rip the film apart calling it an 'atrocity', yet i came out having watched an absolutly awesome movie. Hugo Weaving's voice was chilling but at the same time carring, Protman could have done better but even so the film was absoultly amazing. Ive managed to watch it 4 times alreayd and me and a few friends are screen hopping this weekend to watch it again....it really is that good!!! Eight Below - A real heart warming film, Paul Walker I think hes ****, and he didnt dissapoint. Luckily the dogs overshdowed everythin
  9. Now im only just starting to use photoshop, but managed to find the perfect pic for my PSP all I had to do was add some banners so the menu would fit I created this today to mark the the retirement of the greatest football player to ever grace a football pitch farewell Shearer http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/32178118/
  10. We were capable we just never went that extra final step 125764[/snapback] so true
  11. I was like ten years old, I was in the back of my dads car just passing Scotch Corner when the news came on the radio I dont remember much but my dad said i couldnt stop shouting out the window and talked gibberish for 3 weeks
  12. wtf? 125668[/snapback] i wanna strap it to my fiesta and feel like an Alan Shearer if he hadnt made it into the big time 125669[/snapback] wtf!? 125677[/snapback] what, am i not allowed to be weird!!!
  13. wtf? 125668[/snapback] i wanna strap it to my fiesta and feel like an Alan Shearer if he hadnt made it into the big time
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