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  1. missed the tackle, nowt new there then
  2. you're having a laugh you clueless shite Have you seen Gordon play? His positioning is some of the worst I've seen from a top-flight keeper in a while. He's got good reflexes but should not be letting in some of the soft goals that have been scored against Sunderland this year, Milner's included. Worth 9m? That is the laugh here. have you seen him play, and you're still a clueless shite
  3. toondood

    Heather Mills

    Err..... she's a schizophrenic compulsive liar that courts the press, but doesn't like it when it back fires on her. You do realise she used to go to job interviews pretending to be someone else with the same name (before she go involved with Macca). She's a freaking nutter. Comparing herself to Diana now, soon be complaining of secret service death plots next. when she started thinking she could campaign against land mines that should have told everybody she was mad a fucking fruitcake hoping to compare with Diana. Also stupidly invited the standard wooden leg gags, d
  4. quoted for truth. The level of intelligence on here must mean that most people can see it Welcome back again Leazes. do you mean me you stupid cunt I am not "Leazes". I see you have edited an avatar despite claiming not to edit things and also claiming that I am "leazes" also shows you can't keep what you think is personal information. What a fucking wanker. You'll always be Newcastle onlines little brother, run by immature tosspots
  5. reporting articles from the BBC isn't to your liking is it Spazz
  6. keep them coming http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7048205.stm
  7. quoted for truth. The level of intelligence on here must mean that most people can see it
  8. and then theres you, as wankers go you get your own classification I would have thought this was fairly easily achieved even without a light aircraft, security is non existant when you go in (although I reckon any bomber with a belt of semtex would have problems squeezing through the turnstiles ). I would have said poisoning the food was a more likely proposition but frankly the pies could benefit from a sprinkling of E.Coli That is also easily achieved, so what point are you making The arseholes who turn a blind to all these possibilities are wankers mate, and theres
  9. there's some naive wankers knocking around these parts
  10. you don't realise why he got the job
  11. there is a distinct lack of people challenging this here. It's not meant to be funny, you miserable cunt. It's a natural progression, as their numbers grow, what do you think will happen ?
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