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  1. Avoid Dicks last resort in Excalibur. The staff are supposed to be witty etc. Just reminded me why I hated Americans. Anybody else who went think MGM was really dissapointing?
  2. "He's very good at what he does and he's a straight-talking guy - we like that." Well he'll be the only one in the club who is
  3. Scottish Pirate Metal... How did you come accross such a thing?
  4. Give Dennis Wise aids and dress him up in pies...the rest is just a waiting process
  5. I'm in a strange mood after the defeat. Can't help but thinking of all the positives. We all knew the squad has needed an overhaul for years, if we had stayed up I dont think we would of seen the amount of changes we are about to. So I'll enjoy not seeing a team full of wasters next season and maybe enjoy going to the games again.
  6. The first thing I thought when I found out Keegan had been reappointed was that it was pathetic, and that Mort/Ashley were just gunna let the fans run the club. But really is hard to stay negative about it, the place is buzzing...and its made me look forward to a game which hasn't happened since SBR. I just hope it doesn't tarnish our memories of him.
  7. You're a long way from starbucks homey 156817[/snapback] Hell Nah you fucked that up.
  8. Missed me so much he cries himself to sleep?
  9. Looks like theres a good chance they'll actually do something this season...about time.
  10. Is not too bad himself. Should find me an avatar...like
  11. Whats your number sweety?
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