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  1. Delia's Dick Suckers V Bruce's Barmy Brigade

    If only someone could've forseen than letting a world class manager walk away and replacing him with Steve fucking Bruce was a bad idea.
  2. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Steve fucking Bruce, jesus fucking wept. Anyone still paying to watch us needs their heads checked.
  3. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Steve Bruce ffs
  4. Rafa Gone

    Why would you not do everything in your power to keep a manager like rafa on board? Fucking stupid fat prick.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    https://twitter.com/SkyBetLeagueOne/status/1132682463241805824 Majestic
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Get in Charlton
  7. Other Games 18/19

    Watford didn't deserve that
  8. Other Games 18/19

    Boring cup final this, never any real doubt Man City would walk it.
  9. Other Games 18/19

  10. Other Games 18/19

    Officials helping Man U out at both ends.
  11. Other Games 18/19

    Joey Barton still thick as pigshit
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    https://streamable.com/q9sxb State of defending in that league man
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    ffs, just die you cunts

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