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  1. Get in Fleetwood
  2. Shelvey you fucking moron
  3. Why do Bein Sports insist on having their fucking logo floating all over the place? dicks.
  4. Don't worry lads, Joselu is coming on to save this.
  5. Off the post again ffs, no luck at all.
  6. Way to piss away a decent start, try spending less time on your fucking hair and more time practising keeping in future you fucking prick.
  7. Mike just take the money and fuck off or we're down.
  8. How has he not got a card for that? one elbow fair enough could be accidental but 2 in quick succession? fuck off Ref.
  9. Great way to celebrate 125 years, starting shite like Joselu and getting shafted all over the pitch.
  10. https://twitter.com/NUFCThreatLevel/status/937068497435332608?s=17 Fucking scruffy bastards!
  11. Waited far too long to make changes again, Richie has been awful for weeks and needs dropped. Cost us 2 goals today.