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  1. The Outer Worlds

    https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1070877886566031360/photo/1 Actual proper dialog options
  2. The Outer Worlds

    Looks better than anything Bethesda is putting out these days, I'm interested.
  3. Toon V Burnley

    That miss was horrific
  4. Dead Red Redemption 2

    Still on Chapter 2 Incredible game. Graphics, map, music, mini games. Spent hours just riding my horse about looking at scenery and playing card games.
  5. Toon V Watford

    WE WON
  6. If he wasn't in it then it would've be confirmed by now
  7. Leicester City owners helicopter crashed apparently.
  8. Did we even have a shot? absolute garbage game.
  9. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    Fuck off Kennedy, you don't piss about like that when you're losing you fucking prick.
  10. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    Wasn't even a corner ffs
  11. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    Going down, cheers mike you tight cunt.
  12. Rafa's happy hour pizza posse v Brighton

    Medical staff even slower than our strikers.
  13. Other Games 17/18

    Noticed Gateshead trying the long set piece to Willo on the back post, missed of course

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