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  1. Gonna be a long season.
  2. Southgate going 6 at the back at 1-0 cost us that.
  3. That was inevitable given how much possession we were letting them have.
  4. Fuck me, as someone old enough to remember Euro 96 that was a bit special. Ghosts of the past firmly laid to rest. Can't fucking wait for pints and another game on Saturday!
  5. It's the ingerlund way.
  6. The soundtrack to decades of England failures. I'd rather listen to 90 mins of fake crowd noise again.
  7. Abysmal from Wales, didn't turn up at all.
  8. Abysmal game. Southgate has clearly regressed since 2018.
  9. I wondered what all the black shirts in the stands were about. Hope Portugal hammer them now.
  10. I'd almost forgotten what a full stadium sounds like.
  11. Imagine waiting 23 years for this
  12. Fucking horrific to see, hope he's ok
  13. Aye, then they brought the ball out on a stupid little car
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