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  1. Relieved in a way, I was never that keen on the idea of the saudis running us, Ashley might be a cunt but at least he's never beheaded anyone.
  2. Should've been the opening game of Euro 2020 tonight
  3. Yes Gemmill...

    Ted from Scrubs
  4. Politics

  5. Politics

    Beast Of Bolsover gone
  6. Politics

    Cheerio Swinson
  7. Politics

    Corbyn standing down as Labour leader, shame but the press in this country have conned too many people into thinking he is the enemy. Blairs old seat gone too.
  8. Politics

    Labours manifesto is fully costed Johnsons Brexit will totally fuck the economy. These are facts.
  9. Politics

    That is fucking outrageous, why the fuck are forced to pay for this shit.
  10. EURO 2020

    England v Croatia again ffs

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