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  1. Off to Celtic. Must be reason why they were stalling over sending Forster back to Norwich.
  2. Danny Rose and Dorian Dervite on loan i've heard.
  3. Not sure if I believe this one myself, and it isn't really about the takeover, but Sam Sodje claims he's signed a contract with us. He's training with Bury to keep fit, one of his brothers plays for them, waiting for the takeover to be completed and Shearer appointed. This would suggest that a) it's just a matter of time before the takeover goes through and/or b ) we're going to be signing a load of shit.
  4. Unfortunately you're goosed. They call it a palpable error and if it's clearly the wrong price they can cancel it. Bookies are cunts, want everything their own way.
  5. I was told by one of the players that they couldn't stand the bloke. The fact he gave himself the nickname "The Guvnor" is proabably part of the reason why, he's a fucking arsehole. The reason I found out that he started the story is because a journo told me he was contacted by Ince's advisors to run the story that Newcastle were interested. Also been told by a mate who worked with him at Macclesfield that although he got along with him well he did very little in training, left most of it to Mathias and he might as well have been the manager himself. Ince was there purely to motivate the players, which may work in League 2 as they all had a lot of respect for him but that might not be the case in the Premier League. I pray that we don't get the useless cunt as our manager. And regarding the money situation at Blackburn i'm sure you're right, they could probably splash out on whoever they want, like Robbie Fowler.
  6. I've found out that the man who put Paul Ince's name in the frame is.............Paul Ince himself! He is desperate to get away from Blackburn as the player's don't like him at all, the club have very little money and he's realised they can't attract top players, which is how he did so well at MK Dons. So he has put his name out, through his advisors, to the local press and to the club to hype himself up for the post. Whether Newcastle have shown any interest in him I am not sure but just so you know where all the rumours have come from. Edit to say that from what i've heard Gus Poyet is still very much the club's number one target.
  7. Keegan gone, trying to get Gus Poyet in. Gutted.
  8. Been told from someone at Spurs that we're getting Chimbonda tomorrow. I haven't heard that from anywhere else so not sure how true it is.
  9. No idea why they are not looking for foreign manager, I still haven't heard Newcastle say that but ssn seem to think it is the case. I was told Allardyce was gone by someone at Newcastle then told about Redknapp being approached, and that he would take it, from someone very close to Redknapp, unless he's done a great job putting me away I'm guessing Harry's just changed his mind in the mean time. Love to say i know what Mort and Ashley are up to but I don't unfortunately. I'm clueless at the minute.
  10. Apologies lads. I was told he'd been offered it and was then told by a few people who know him well that he would be accepting. Looks like i've been merked.
  11. See my earlier post. Been told Redknapp definitely coming. Don't know the ins and outs about him flying up or anything like that though.
  12. Must admit I'm seriously underwhelmed, sounds like it is almost done and will be completed pretty quickly. I hope he brings Tony Adams with him though, would be majorly pissed off if not, a good coach but chances are he might fancy the Pompey job. Only positive I can see are he is marginally better than Allardyce and he is now Mike Ashley's man so hopefully he will back to him to the hilt. Can't help feeling this was a chance to really make an impression though, and I can't see it going down overly well.
  13. Almost certain it will be Harry Redknapp.
  14. I have no idea. Lad that told me about Allardyce going said "Fuck knows who'll be coming in. Came as shock to everyone, although majority delighted he's gone."
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