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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody I'm Maximilian 24 years old and I'm from germany. I'm looking for some newcastle fans for a nice trip in newcastle around the Liverpool game with visit the city sleep and spent time with. Maybe here is someone who would like to spend time with me in newcastle for my first trip to england. Greetings Maximilian
  2. This thread isn't going to win me any favours on the likes of RAWK and I've got nothing against 99% of their fans etc. Nothing against the city or anything like that either, purely just the football club. So anyway - is it just me who finds their club completely impossible to like? I genuinely can't stand them. I have even less time for them with Dalglish in charge and it pains me to see the likes of Enrique and Carroll go to them more than it would if they went to any other club. I'm not a Geordie and therefore won't pretend to be vehemently anti-Sunderland, so I guess in their place Liverpool are *that* club.
  3. Always wondered why Keegan hasn't associated himself with Liverpool as much as he did with us. I mean, he won a lot with them and he was well liked, so why doesn't he talk about them as much or be seen around the ground like Dalglish and the like? Is there something behind the scenes I didn't know about?
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