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  1. MMA did me alright. Lost weight like a Bastard and learned some moves. Mostly incorporates mui tai, greco wrestling and none of the fancy-dan shite.
  2. An attendance for an away tie of a EUROPEAN match is a bizarre thing to mock, no? Are we supposed to be upset?
  3. PRINT THIS OFF:http://www.nufc.co.u...8~175405,00.pdf and this:http://www.nufc.co.u...8~175414,00.pdf fill in the details and send them to: Newcastle United Football Club PO BOX 315 Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 1ZN
  4. Can't argue with a 2 game ban. But I think a lot of people in the ground wanted to do more than shovethe linesman that day.
  5. This lad was cracking. Gave the spurs fans dog abuse. http://fans.in3sixty.com/2012/08/18/puma/embed/?slug=6183475-share-view
  6. Clocked him once or twice when I looked up at the spurs fans. He stared right at me so i immediately stopped. Pinheads scare me.
  7. Found meself the blue meanie. I'm not shy, like. Seeing as it's not me regular seat. http://fans.in3sixty.com/2012/08/18/puma/embed/?slug=4307206-share-view
  8. how'd ya do the sharey thing again? Bit thick, me,
  9. Steven Taylor walking towards you. Worse than the bloody Ring, that.
  10. It did the same with me. It's legit, guv. Honest. Found meself, but can't remember how to post links.
  11. http://gigapixelfancam.com/fancams/soccer/puma/20120818/ it's live
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