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Found 76 results

  1. I've been thinking this week about strikers at the club and will we ever see someone as good as Shearer again? I doubt it. What prompted the thoughts was me watching the derby against Sunderland where he scored his final goal. I remember the scenes in the away end that day, different class. He scored some pearlers for us in his time here, without doubt my favourite ever player at the club (Beardsley in a close second). What's your favourite goal? This one for me, purely for the memories of the whole stand absolutely bouncing when it went in. It was a tight game and the mixture of relief and jubilation will always stay with me. What a player.
  2. Can someone set up a poll for this please. Providing we finish 1st or 2nd we have 8 games left with Rafa in charge (yes I know he's supposed to be on a 3 year contract) but we know football contracts mean bugger all these days. Also we have suspicions that Rafa's contract may well have been fractured given Ashley's interference in January. I can hear people now, saying "hang on Trooper" & all that but it really is "the elephant in the room" we know that Rafa gave Charnley a list of players in October for the January window . As the month wore on it was becoming obvious that we weren't signing anyone. Then just as the window was closing it looked like Rafa seemed confident about "signing one" (Townsend) After the 3-0 thrashing by Oxford in the league cup & the presser before the QPR match Rafa was asked "why there were know signings" he was made to look like a guy who wasn't in the loop & I felt embarrassed for him when he said "he didn't know" the QPR match finished 2-2 & I remember Rafa looking furious on the touchline during the match he kept saying things to his coaches I imagined it being "if only we'd signed Townsend" I can't help think that the water between Ashley/ Charnley & Rafa has been sullied I can't help think Rafa has decided to see this season out hopefully get promotion then call it a draw knowing Keegan was right when he said " You can't work with these people they know nothing about football" I suppose we'll know in a few weeks but if Rafa does decide to leave, the blame should land on Ashley's shoulders & every single Newcastle United supporter no matter were they are should make it known how you feel. I'm ready for the bed wetter backlash but I feel it's a fair question to be asked & it requires an answer sooner rather than later. Now over to you lot what do you think ?
  3. Shearer or Beardsley?

    Two of the great players of my lifetime. Who was the greatest?
  4. An Appraisal of Allardyce

    Saw this on Football 365 Looked at his record vs McClaren. People roundly (and rightly) criticised Steve, they correctly regarded him as a poor manager. but when you compare their records: Record P W D L Win % Allardyce 25 6 6 13 24 McClaren 31 7 6 18 22.6
  5. John Carver

    'I've applied for Villa job' Aston Villa v Chelsea (12:45 BST) Posted at 12:37 Former Newcastle boss John Carver on BBC Radio 5 live: "Villa have a fantastic fan base and if you look at the candidates that are being put forward to replace Remi Garde, there are some good ones. Have I applied, I think I have, via my agent. Have I heard anything back? Not yet. "They almost know they are certainly down so the sooner they get somebody in, they can prepare for next season. Draw up the list and get the players you want." Doesn't even know if has applied for the job or not.
  6. Rafa Benitez

    Welcome to the club, hopefully you can drag the club out of this sorry mess.
  7. Keegan in Cayman!

    http://compasscayman.com/caycompass/2015/06/05/Keegan-buzz-kicks-in/ ​ I just spunked a little bit.
  8. Carver/Stone sacked

    According to BBC Radio Newcastle Good if true
  9. Laudrup getting linked now: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/west-ham/11628133/West-Ham-and-Newcastle-could-offer-Michael-Laudrup-route-back-into-the-Premier-League.html Obviously McClaren is surely favorite now after getting the sack. Laudrup plays a canny brand of football but I doubt he'd get on well with Ashley. Carvs wants it but I can't imagine anyone wants him to have it. Clement's a bit of a wild card but he's undoubtedly a talented coach. I'd like to see Clement tbh as he's an unknown quantity in the top job so it would be an interesting appointment, I wouldn't have any grumbles with McClaren as he's a step up from Pardew for me, Carver can fuck right off and I just can't see Laudrup getting along with Ashley.
  10. Carver

    John carver is on another planet.
  11. Ashley - Sack Carver NOW!!

    After his disgraceful exhibition of blaming the players in the media, if we are to stand any chance of staying up, Ashley MUST sack Carver now.
  12. John Carver Football Genius

    Deserves his own thread, should get the job for life.
  13. Oh dear john. You say you value the fa cup yet you play a second string team against Leicester away. I must admit I didn't follow the game but have read the reports on sky sports and must say... Come on john, what the hell was that? Several recognised players having poor games including tiote. Armstrong being trusted yet again in what must be classed as a 'must win' game, not just for the fans but for carver if he wants this job until the summer or heaven forbid full time. If this is his best shot then carver isn't good enough.
  14. As the title suggests i think carver has some explaining to do. This was a must win game for Newcastle. First half I have no complaints as we were the better team in all departments. Tactics were working. Rightly being in the lead. Second half comes along things are going ok then comes a sub, Riviere off (who was having a good game) for piss poor adam armstrong! Fair enough he is young being only 17 but he's too little to be pumping the ball up to!!! Crap decision Carver! That decision has cost him his first win and probably the shot at the job full time. Taylor getting injured didn't help the cause as if used up a sub but jesus christ Carver!
  15. Shearer's latest thought's

    Im exactly the same as the fans at the minute - Im one of them. I pay for my ticket and Im the same. I am entitled to my opinion. It hasnt been pleasant watching to be honest. Its been poor. With Newcastle in the bottom three going into the dark evenings Shearer feels that the problems at United havent just unfolded overnight. He said: It has been poor since January this year, The quicker we can get out of it the better. But he feels a tough scrap against relegation could lie ahead. He said: I dont hold too much hope for us this season. I think it could be a long hard season for us. Pardew will prepare his players for another crunch fixture on Saturday against Leicester amidst a backdrop of pressure with sections of the Toon Army still on his back. Now Shearer believes there can be no excuses going into the battle with former Newcastle coach Nigel Pearsons newly promoted Foxes. Shearer said: Nobody can make any excuses. The simple fact is we havent been good enough. You can make whatever excuses you want. Injuries, too many games or confidence. Put all of that to one side, the simple fact of the matter is we just have not been good enough. We havent been unlucky. We havent been ravaged by injuries. We havent been done by dodgy decisions. We just havent been good enough. Its simple. Thats the harsh reality of it. Things have to improve and they have to improve pretty quickly or we could find ourselves in a hole.
  16. John Carver

    https://vine.co/v/Oa1uJz7MMdd https://vine.co/v/Oa1ZbFhJeAt
  17. Sir Bobby

    5 years tomorrow. That's absolutely flown over!
  18. Keegan 30/04/14

    Last night Kevin Keegan was at Hedworth Hall for a football talk-in sounds like the evening was a fairly casual affair from what ive been reading over on NO. Apparently there were questions from the crowd "and the last one was in the middle of the sentence and got to Kevin if we got new owners..... To which Keegan interupted the answer is yes" Look's like he'd be up for it what do you think ? I'd love it got to get rid of these clowns first to stand a chance. (He's back up here again next week on 9th May at the Lancastrian suite).
  19. Keegan living in Northumberland again

    There was an article in yesterday's Sun regarding a failed planning application from King Kev for an extention on his house in a village to the east of Morpeth.I never knew he was living back in Northumberland.Any idea where his house is.
  20. Kinnear resigns!

    And yes, that's resigns, not re-signs.
  21. Kinnear interview

    So that's it then. No more signings. We don't even have an option on Remy. Our top scorers last season were Cisse with 8 and Cabaye with 6, and he's fucking off. Put your money on because we are going down, nailed on. We will struggle to score 30 goals as a team this year. Sorely tempted to just take the hit on my season ticket and just cancel it now
  22. Joe Kinnear

    We're all familiar with Cockney rhyming slang . It's used mainly by Cockneys . Chirpy chappies the lot of them. Big-hitters like apples & pears (chairs) , syrup of fig (dig) , Lady Godiva (driver) , Shetland Isles (miles) , woolly mitts (gloves) etc. are probably used as everyday phrases by most of us in fact . Well I was thundering (wondering) if there's any Joe Kinnear based rhyming slang out there ? Betty Boo (who) Going for a poo (interview) "Let's have a clown (sit down)" as he'd say . .
  23. Anyone got a copy of this or a link to watch online, dying to see it like.
  24. Kevin Keegan

    Happy Birthday, Wor Kev! (Sighs..............ok then........ ...... Happy birthday to Andrew as well I suppose).

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