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Big Sam blasts Gartside

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Sam Allardyce has hit back at Bolton chairman Phil Gartside after being left upset by his former colleague's criticism of his reign at The Reebok Stadium.


Gartside launching a scathing attack on Allardyce just before Saturday's clash between Newcastle and Bolton.


Allardyce had the last laugh as his Newcastle side beat his old club 3-1 on the opening day of the season.


Allardyce, who spent eight years at Bolton before leaving at the back end of last season, admitted he was disappointed by Gartside's attack.


"The Bolton chairman has been saying a lot about me and I am very disappointed with the comments he has made," said Allardyce.


"But actions speak louder than words. We played them off the park and won the game.


"That answers everything for me, rather than get into a fight.


"I would rather look forward than back. I have moved on and left Bolton in the best state it has ever been in.


"I do not understand his (Gartside's) thinking. He believes I have done certain things which I have not.


"He really should not. I have given them a great platform so I do not know why he is so critical of me."

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Since Big Sam came here Gartside has basically implied everything good they did wasn't really down to Allardyce and that everything after him would be much better, which is of course utter bollocks!


So Sam will really have enjoyed this win to stick it right up him, and Gartside will see this season just how much of their success was down to Allardyce.

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