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  1. Burnley vs Newcastle

    Diame is absolute shit
  2. “That would allow for a period for serious interested parties to put themselves forward, for a diligence process to carry on, and then hopefully by Christmas for a sale to conclude with the sort of flexibility around terms we have discussed. “If that weren’t possible then there is no desire to sell the club for any price to anyone. There is a lot of responsibility that goes with owning the football club so we would then look at that at the relevant time." Statement surely written to flush out stalling buyers. No desire to sell the club for any price if not sold by Christmas, yet he wants the best for a club he can't fund or progress? The guy is a complete wanker.
  3. Rafa Benitez

    £12m is hardly a derisory bid that Stoke were suggesting had been made. This for a player loaned out and who performed poorly... If Stoke have turned that down I'd be surprised. Just as surprised to see us bid £12m for a striker. Shit journalists anyway.
  4. Game over if not already known
  5. How the fuck is Steven Taylor a footballer
  6. Fucking disgraceful defending. This club is a joke
  7. Norwich V Newcastle / Saturday / 3PM / Carrow Road

    Taylor is woeful
  8. Norwich V Newcastle / Saturday / 3PM / Carrow Road

    We are a fucking disgrace
  9. Other games 2015/16

    Back to 18th!!!!
  10. Newcastle United v West Ham United

    To be fair that's the team sheet as opposed to position. I harbour some hope that he won't move our best threat into a position he isn't as potent. Maybe Perez is out wide? Here's hoping.....
  11. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Asked about his job title, McClaren replied: I dont know the difference (between a head coach and a manager). I have had lots of titles but since I went abroad it has always been head coach. The job description is exactly the same. They wanted someone to come in, to help recruit, coach the talent and double the value, triple the value. I had exactly the same remit in Holland. Exactly. Whether it is coach, manager, it doesnt mean anything. Well we all knew that policy would never change. Players purchased with a view to making a profit....
  12. Other Clubs' Transfers

    Always been impressed with Shaqiri, bar the last few months where he's been shifted in all sorts of positions. Id be delighted if he joined.
  13. Other Clubs' Transfers

    www1.skysports.com/football/news/11701/9900015/stoke-agree-fee-with-inter-for-xherdan-shaqiri-sky-sources Can't compete......
  14. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread

    Another of our "targets" Mings is close to signing for Bournemouth. Just can't compete with those type of clubs....

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