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  1. Would take Jo. He was a decent player for Everton and scored a few goals. Better than Ameobi ffs! I'd also grudgingly accept Tevez, Adebayor and Robinho.
  2. Hmmmm..... Slow news day i take it.... Sounds a bit like a paper trying to whip up a story when, lets be honest, there isn't really one. Its called negotiating!
  3. A bit harsh considering what he achieved last season, with a team I think most of us thought would really struggle. I think if he had been a third rate manager like you suggest we would have finished 5th or 6th or perhaps even worse. I'm really not sure Mourinho or Wenger could get more out of this squad of players. You can only piss with the cock you've got. Unfortunately, the players just aren't good enough.
  4. Would have taken him back in a second. He had a brilliant season at Man City last season, and I can't really understand why they don't want him. I know they have to try and fit all their trophy signings in but dont really understand why Santa Cruz, Adebayor and now Balotelli are considered so much better by Mancini. He's a winner and a whinger, you cant have too many of them in your squad. He would walk into our team and we better sign someone before the window closes or we're in big trouble. The thought of Shola and Carroll trying to fire us to Premier League safety doesn't particularly f
  5. Very saddened to hear this news. What an awful day. Bobby was a gent and a real football man who led a great life and a great career. Football has lost a true legend, thoughts with his family at this time.
  6. Reckon he'd get a few in the Championship so we should try and keep him. Pace to burn and it's not like the Premier League where every centre half can match him for pace.
  7. Nolan laughing and joking with the Villa fans was a nice touch.
  8. As Shearer said, they tried, they just weren't good enough. That really is one shit team. Here's hoping for a complete overhaul in the summer, that would make me feel like relegation was worthwhile.
  9. The nightmare scenario is all 3 teams win or all 3 teams lose. That would be harder to take than what probably will happen, a routine defeat and never really being in the mix at any point.
  10. Sunderland are 7/1 to go down, if i wasn't so certain we'll lose i'd be tempted with that. Nanelka will be trying to get the golden boot.
  11. My predictions for the final day Villa 2 Newcastle 1 Hull 1 Man Utd 1 Sunderland 0 Chelsea 1
  12. I can't see Hull losing. At home, againt Man Utd reserves. I expect them to grind out a draw but they could also win. I never thought we would go down but thats how i feel now. Just cant see any way back now.
  13. It's gone now, imo. Hull might even win next week - i can't see them losing. We should be dead and buried already, with Jaaskaleinen performing miracles to deny Hull. Win at Villa park or bust, it aint going to happen. f**k f**k f**k f**k
  14. A point here would be a great result now. A Bolton winner wouldn't go a miss. If Hull win today, we're gone. The next 25 minutes will define our season... Its squeaky bum time gents...
  15. Hold firm son! Plenty time to go. It isn't going to be done and dusted today though... but i think we knew that already
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