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Newcastle in Europe's Top 3 for quality of life

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People in Newcastle rate their quality of life among the best in Europe , according to new research.



A survey showed Newcastle was in the top three cities in Europe when residents were asked their satisfaction with a range of issues such as employment, schools, housing and health services compared with residents in other major European cities.



The Urban Audit Perception Survey by Gallup Hungary was carried out last November on behalf of the European Commission.



In each of 75 cities across Europe 500 residents were contacted randomly and asked about their levels of satisfaction in their home city.



Overall 97 per cent of Newcastle residents said they were satisfied to live in the city; 91 per cent said they were satisfied with theatres, museums, concert halls and libraries and 87 per cent said they were satisfied with care services offered by hospitals and doctors.



Taking an average of all the results for the total 23 questions Newcastle came in the top three in the survey, which was welcomed by the leader of the council, Coun John Shipley.



Coun Shipley said: "I am delighted with the results of this survey. We have always known that people in Newcastle enjoy a good quality of life, indeed this has been supported by previous surveys.


"I think it demonstrates that the city council and its partners like NewcastleGateshead Initiative and the health services are doing a good job and will continue to work together for the benefit of the people of Newcastle."



Coun David Wood, chairman of the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Authority, said:


"I welcome these results. Whilst people’s perceptions about public transport are quite high we still have a long way to go in the future.



"With the Government’s announcement of £12.8 million for new ticketing and gating machines on the Metro we are really confident and look forward to phase two of the Metro reinvigoration.’’



Newcastle’s full results were as follows:



Satisfaction in public transport, for example bus or tram 78 per cent;


Schools 64 per cent;



Health care services offered by hospitals and doctors 87 per cent;



Green spaces such as parks and gardens 78 per cent;



Sports facilities such as sports fields and indoor sports halls 73 per cent;



Cinemas 79 per cent;



Cultural facilities such as theatres, museums, concert halls and libraries 91 per cent;



Public internet access such as internet cafes or libraries 61 per cent and internet access at home 61 per cent.



Also, agreement levels with the following;


I t is easy to find a good job 38 per cent;



Foreigners who live in the city are well integrated 64 per cent;



It is easy to find good housing at a reasonable price 50 per cent;



When you contact administrative services of the city they help you efficiently 96 per cent,



Is a clean city 74 per cent;



The city spends it resources in a responsible way 59 per cent;



You are satisfied to live in the city 97 per cent



In the next five years, it will be more pleasant to live in the city 75 per cent.



Disagreement levels with the following;

Air pollution is a big problem 53 per cent; noise is a big problem 60 per cent.



Finally 71 per cent said they rarely or never have difficulty paying their bills at the end of the month;



66 per cent always feel safe in their neighbourhood and 50 per cent always feel safe in the city.



To achieve its ranking of third, the city council has added all of its 23 scores together and taken an average.



The survey included all capital cities and one to six more cities in larger member states.



Other UK cities were Belfast, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, and Manchester.


Joining Newcastle in the top three in Europe were Groningen in the Netherlands which came first followed by the Danish city of Aalborg which came second.

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