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a question about applications

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alright lads, my uncle has given me his application from his season ticket for the arsenal away game, ive put down on the app that i require 2 tickets, but now on the nufc website it says 1 ticket per membership number..now does that mean i wont get 2 tickets for definet. any help is appreciated lads..cheers

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god, its right fekin annoying..who the hell is gonna buy 1 ticket to go to the match on there todd? no one..damn well stupid..need to sort there heads out i reckon..


so is it a definet that i will NOT get the 2 tickets i want via the application?


The chances are, if you have enough loyalty points on the season ticket, you will get your one ticket. If you wanted to go with someone else then the idea is that your mate would have to send his application form in too (from his season ticket) with your application.


It is up in the air whether or not you'll get your requested spare.

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