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FAO Office workers

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you're in a meeting and you need a shit?


Just get up and go? Leaving those in the meeting fully aware that by the length of your visit to the bogs that you've dropped a load off?


Or do you sit there touching cloth struggling to contain the brown animal in your u-bend?


I was at a meeting this morning and was bursting for a sit down brown so got up to leave the room and the chair of the meeting asked me where I was going, so I said, "I'm just off for a shit, not be long". Didn't go down too well and when I returned 15 minutes later I felt a bit of an atmosphere. Don't know if it was cos of what I said or if it was cos the bogs were right next door to the meeting room and the ungodly smell I produced had somehow filtered through to their room?

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Funny you should bring this one up....


I was helping out on our helpdesk yesterday and mid-afternoon nature (or more specifically, the night before's curry) was calling big time so off I went.


Anyway about 15 mins I came back to find one of the senior managers talking to the helpdesk supervisor and then he look at me and said (in a voice loud enough that everyone in the vicinity could hear) "Craig, can you you please stay at your station and remain logged into the phones while you're on the helpdesk" with a right smug grin on his face because he thought he was getting one up on me.


Simply replied "I was having a crap!"


Helpdesk supervisor almost pissed herself and he walked away looking very red indeed <_<

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i disappeared to the shitter last week for a good twenty minutes and when i came back my team was in a meeting.


Boss 'weve waited and then started without you'


me 'Sorry i had to take care of something urgent' (thats me trying to be polite)


'so where you been'?


(Quietly) 'dropping the kids off'


she says 'you dont have any - i want to know where youve been' and all the attendees stop and look at us


me 'For a cack!'.


Cue 10 minutes discussion (at taxpayers expense) about toilet roll and bowel movements <_<

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Only happened to me once.


A biblical wave of diahorreah came on in the middle of a meeting just as they were doing introductions, I just bolted. Went back a good half hour later having lost a stone with cold sweats and smelling worse than Mr Trebus. No-one said owt like.


Still get embarrased when I see anyone who was there though.

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