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Anyone wear them, you know the shoes with the fancy pattern on the front around the toe bit of the shoe, a good pair can cost £100 +.


Looking for a new pair of shoes and these look decent of the shelves but can never imagine myself wearing a pair as I've always associated them with old men. But they seem to be in fashion more and more nowadays, almost too in fashion though like those daft haircuts I imagine J69 to have.

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The other thing stopping me getting them is a mate of mine got a pair and we renamed them benders brogues, basically cos he dared to wear something different, so it would look hugely hypocritical to get them now. Stick to Rocports! <_<


Speaking of which my mate bought a pair of Rocksports once. 10 years later and if we're very very remiss, we very occasionally forget to remind him about it.

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One need look no further than Gemmill to realise just how bad a pair of brogues can make you look. I honestly thought he was having a nervous breakdown.


Start of a slippery slope to manbagdom as it turned out.


I can almost smell his brogues in his posts tbh



I wouldn't go any further than Patrick Cox's when it comes to shoes/boots, at least you know what your getting. Like slippers my last ones.


SMO I could see you in a pair of Ox blood Dealers, be canny for kicking your lass in the flaps when she works herself as well

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