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Broadcaster Alan Coren dies at 69


Humourist and broadcaster Alan Coren has died aged 69 after suffering from cancer, the BBC has announced.


Coren was a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4's satirical show The News Quiz, and also appeared as a team captain on TV programme Call My Bluff.


He edited Punch magazine, wrote several books, and was known most recently for his column in The Times newspaper, which he started in 1989.


Mark Damazer, controller of Radio 4, said his death was a "terrible loss".


"Alan was the heartbeat of The News Quiz - the man around whom so much turned for nearly 30 years.


"It was not only that he was consistently brilliantly funny, but above and beyond that, his humour burst with humanity and warmth," he said.


"He could pick out the foibles of the mighty - and his own - with pinpoint accuracy, and yet at the same time he evoked sympathy for the human condition."


Mr Damazer went on: "He was fabulously well-read - and there was no subject which was ever beyond his wit."


Coren leaves a wife and two grown-up children.


Seemed like a nice fella, certainly always gave me a laugh on his Radio 4 shows and the like. RIP.

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always had a good joke ..................


And of course he did the fabulous


"letters from our Ugandan Correspondent" in Private Eye back int eh 70's - the thoughts of President Idi............


I can remember a hysterical one on Watergate when he was saying that Nixon was an idiot appointing ONE vice President - he, idi, appointed a half dozen - never did to have a ready made sub standing behind you when the s*** hits the fan.................

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