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Mistakes creeping in

The Mighty Hog

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Never got that far with FM manger: only every get a couple of seasons then go back to cm03/04.  :razz:  Is that the first time you have seen it happen ?




I thought there was a similar one the season beofre. I'm sure I played a match against Arsenal and we drew 4-4 at highbury. But when the match was processed and it went back to the day to day running it said I won 4-3, then when I checked the result on the fixtures page it said I'd won 4-3 aswell. So maybe I was wrong. There was a managers comment that said that a match was being held at the wrong ground, at the away teams place instead of St James.

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Where's the skin from mr Hog?




I was on Sort it out si, but it's closed down.


I'll have a look to see if I can still find it somewhere.


Edit: I've re done it as a .rar file




Thats one skin, but it's not the one I've got I'll rar up the second one.




Right thats the second one which I have on at the minute.


Sorry it took so long.

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