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Jusoda Kid

No stranger folk than family

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Got a phone call on Saturday telling me that my Step Grandad had croaked it. Never really bothered with him that much since my gran died but I would get him the odd whisky if I seen him out and although we weren't close I obviously wouldn't wish any harm on him.


Any rate my mother's sister ended up stuck with the task of caring for him for the past 10 years, going around every other day to check on him, pay bills etc and he never once thought of putting his hand in his pocket for a bunch of flowers or the likes to say thank you, thats just the way he was and that was accepted, old stingy bastard imo.


My poor aunty had the misfortune of finding him Saturday morning when she goes around to check on him, now this is something I wouldn't wish on anyone, so after she rings the police etc she decides to ring his brother and notify him that he was now flying solo as his bro had passed on and that he would have to go to the coroners office with her.



His reply "I can't go to the coroners office, I'm not well myself" Her: "ok then" Him: "but don't forget to tell them I'm next of kin".


So basically his brother who's never struck a bat for my grandad all his life is going to get his entire fortune because my grandad was that stubborn he wouldn't write a will and my poor aunt who's cared for him for years won't get jack shit. Now this won't bother my aunty as she wasn't doing it for money in the first place, it was out of love, but to think thats what his brother said when he found out I find totally unbelievable.



"but don't forget to tell them I'm next of kin" fucking old bastard, hope he's not long behind him as it's all he deserves.


You can choose your friend but you can't choose your family.

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I had a Great-Uncle, he was my Mam's uncle through marriage but became quite a father figure to my mam and after her Aunty died my mam and dad used to do everything for him. He appreciated this btw, especially as the nieces and nephews on his side never bothered with him and made him feel as welcome as fart in a spacesuit whenever he went round. Well, he got cancer and the diagnosis wasn't great..and guess who turned up to 'care' for him. Quel surprise! :lol:


Anyway, the fuckers never got a penny, muwhahahaha!

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Guest Stevie
About 50k at stake on this one as well....what a fucking liberty!

Before she goes to the coroner get a hit man to do him in for 25 grand, then she'll be next of kin and can lift the other 25k.

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