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Possible reason for Coloccini delay?

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Apparently Coloccini's Italian citizenship is under investigation. Has anyone heard anything about this? It would explain a delay.


I found this article in a Buenos Aires paper, from last month. Translated and edited quite a bit:


Federal judge Norberto Oyarbide is investigating the presumed falsification of about 700 proceedings of Italian citizenship, among them more than 150 are linked to footballers. Several players of the Selection stand out: Gabriel I Millito, Fabricio Coloccini and Maxi Rodriguez.


All of them almost appear like clients of Express Citizenship one of the centres of investigation.


Although it will not be simple to prove, Oyarbide has the firm suspicion that many were aware of the irregularities that were committed to apply for the passports.


The majority of the documents held in file by the players are legitimate; therefore it does not mean that the passports of all of them have been falsified. According judicial sources, Oyarbide will investigate the players that he deems necessary.


Players are not necessarily under direct scrutiny, although they have signed official documentation. Any good lawyer can argue that they were deceived and acted in good faith.


On Friday the authorities raided Express Citizenship and took the files of the players they represent. One of those was a youth player Forlin, on loan to Real Madrid B. He can not play without Italian citizenship as being an Argentine would deem the club to be over the quota of non EU residents.



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It wouldn't be too surprising given the rules on non-EU players in Spain but shouldn't be a problem getting him a work permit if worst comes to worst.

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