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Shot man 'upset about sick wife'

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Shot man 'upset about sick wife'


Mervyn Tussler was shot dead at a village retirement complex


A man in his 60s shot dead by police in West Sussex was upset that his sick wife was facing going into a nursing home, a close friend has said.


Mervyn Tussler, was shot by marksman following a three-hour standoff at a retirement complex in Fernhurst on Friday afternoon.


Armed units and dog handlers responded following reports of a man with a gun.


Mr Tussler had belonged to Headley Park Rifle Club, on the Surrey/Hampshire border, his friend, Peter Goodman said.


The incident is being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).



He was lost without her, he would just wander around not knowing what to do

Peter Goodman


IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin said: "We will be looking at the actions and decision-making of the firearms officers involved and the command and control of the whole incident."


Mr Goodman, a 54-year-old plumber, said he used to go shooting with Mr Tussler at Headley Park, near Bordon.


"As far as I was aware he had given it up and had sold most of his guns," he said.


"He had a firearms certificate so it was all licensed and above board."


He said Mr Tussler had been a carer for his wife, Win, for the past 15 years but she had spent the last four weeks in hospital in Guildford suffering from a urinary infection.


In the past week, Mr Tussler was told she was not well enough to return to their home in Ash Grove.


'Extremely close'


"He just seemed to be depressed about Win being in hospital," said Mr Goodman.


"He was getting deep down and depressed about it and early on this week he had a meeting with social services to determine whether Win could come back home again.


"It seems that they said she would have to go into a nursing home, which upset him."


Mr Goodman said the couple, who have two grown-up children, were extremely close.


He believed the thought of Mr Tussler's wife not returning home triggered Friday's events.


"I think that was the nucleus which sparked it all off," said Mr Goodman, who lives round the corner from the couple's home.


"They were very close. He was lost without her, he would just wander around not knowing what to do."


Social workers triumph again. :D

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What did they shoot him for?

Given how little they are saying probably not a lot (you read it though :D).

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How is this NSFW?


:rolleyes: enter at your own risk, ask Tom.


Just shooting anyone now.


Actually it's pretty disturbing, not so very long ago someone being killed by the police in the UK would have been a massive, massive story for weeks and weeks, these days it may well not even get a mention on the national news. :yahoo:

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