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Mancini to sell Ireland

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I've felt that way for years. Wouldn't mind him on the coaching staff though.


the thing is I actually would mind, despite his experience he doesn't seem to be very inspirational and can't keep a cool head under pressure despite his age. Add that to the fact that technically he isn't anything special so I wouldn't be too deslighted with him even in a coaching capacity.


Hmmm, don't agree necessarily. He's been there done & done it at the highest level, many years with Britain's biggest club, so he should know how things should be set up to achieve success. Plus he's actually won things. He's played under the greatest manager of the premiership era and that should count for something. I don't think his technical abilities as a player really matter - look at Arsene Wenger for instance.


How he is as a player doesn't mean a lot in terms of coaching imo, it's what he knows and how he is with people. I've no idea whether he's a good teacher but I'd guess that other players would respect him and listen to him. I don't think he needs to be inspirational necessarily on the training pitch as long as he can coach. Dunno whether he's got his coaching badges.


Of course everything you say could be correct - he could be thick as two short planks, have nothing to share and be as useless off the pitch as he is on it now. I realise being a successful player doesn't mean he'd make a decent coach. However seems a shame to waste that experience if he does have some backroom ability and we can use it, with the academy for instance.

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I think there would be a great number of clubs interested in Stephen Ireland if Man City were to let him go as he is a terrific player. He drives City forward through the midfield and I think it would be to the detriment of City if they got rid of him as they want someone of his kind, and homegrown with it, within their squad if Manchester City wants to win the Premier League at some point in the near future. As for us getting him, there is little or no chance of it happening.

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