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  1. Btw nobody should be surprised this is all taking a very long time. It’s not because of politics, the Saudis, tv piracy, ethical considerations, COVID 19 or whatever. It’s because it’s all in the hands of lawyers - who are without exception massive time wasting, arrogant, client oblivious cunts.
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    Dear oh dear, “Nobby and Sonny”. Just when you think RTG can’t get any weirder or more embarrassing, one of them craps out something like that drivel I expect in real life Nobby is what the OP sticks into his Sonny’s rear end when he gets back from the pub.
  3. I may be remembering this wrong but didnt Bruce destabilise us by abandoning Rafas system and then stabilise us by going back to it? And even then we only ground out some results thru massive amounts of luck
  4. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Fucking hell. Mind you Bruce looks like he’s from Royston Vasey....
  5. Coronavirus

    A great exporting nation
  6. It means fuck all imo that it’s taking a long time, other than the PL doesn’t have enough lawyers. No doubt they’ve been otherwise engaged with Project Restart and related issues. The waiting is tedious though, as is the steady drip of anti toon stories.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Those eyebrows
  8. Me too. My interest died about 11 or 12 years ago, all this has done is give the corpse a jolt or two
  9. Is that Turki on wry? I’ll get me coat
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    I thought it was a delightful read
  11. Presumably the longer they take the better it looks. Like they really gave it proper consideration given the objections raised. That’s what I’d do even if I intended to approve the deal.
  12. I think we can all agree Khashoggi’s murder was despicable. However if MBS was responsible, I don’t think preventing his sovereign wealth fund from buying an also ran football club will have the slightest impact on him or his regime. Its utter bullshit to suggest otherwise, MBS wont give a shit if it falls through (if he even knows about it). Do they think hes on tenterhooks watching sky sports (on pirate tv) to see if its gone through yet? To pretend that the PL is some kind of moral policeman is a big fat joke given who theyve passed fit as owners; if people have a problem with the saudis using the PL for sportswashing they should demand a political solution and a govt response. And that includes Kashoggis widow imo, who I notice doesn’t direct any flak at Ashley whos the one choosing to sell to PIF. And its got nothing to do with the club and the fans iyam, no one consulted us about the sale.
  13. Personally I don’t think the PL has the stones or the grounds to deny it but we’ll see. Even if they do I’d expect it to be challenged in court. I doubt they’re concerned with the human rights aspects though, they might take longer for the sake of appearances but that’s it. And btw if they waved through Abramovich and Shinawatra you have to wonder how PIF wouldn’t qualify

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