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  1. Thats not the Queen, that’s a mag looky-likey FTM
  2. Good advice. You can then upgrade to intermediate clubs if you outgrow your starter set. I’d also recommend spending a bit of time at a driving range getting a feel for the woods and long irons if you can
  3. Its a good way to spunk away lots of money quickly. The money would probably be better spent on lessons if youre a beginner.
  4. Played for 30 years or so. Still shite, hovering around 90 if I get time to play, which I dont very often. Unfortunately its a game where you expect to play like your best round, but never do. ”A good walk ruined” just about sums it up
  5. speaks more sense than your average royal
  6. Aussie rules used to be a game for thugs and hard men. I’ve never cared for it though, too much long kicking (bit like watching Allardyce’s toon)
  7. that Robert Smith interview. Sums it up beautifully…
  8. I couldn't agree more Sammy. Surely only a matter of time in both Aussie and NZ. I’d rather have Jonah Lomu as head of state here and he’s dead. Chaz can stay as King in the Solomon Islands, if they want it, as long as him and his family live there.
  9. I’m happy to have left all of this bullshit behind tbpfh. I have dual NZ/UK citizenship so I can pretend it’s none of my business but I find the whole thing embarrassing. My missus (who isn’t British) laps up all of this nonsense of course, but she doesn’t get the connection between the pomp and ceremony and the centuries of servility that underpin the institution and the establishment. And it’s a waste of time trying to explain it as I just end up sounding like an old grouch. Honestly I took one look at the middle aged men in silly outfits (waving around silver pointy sticks that Ken Dodd would've been proud of) and I thought fuck this no thanks. What goes through these peoples minds…how do they take this medieval cos play nonsense seriously and look at themselves in the mirror? Why do people turn out to cheer and wave flags for this bunch of chinless sponging invertebrates? Tldr They can stick their “liege lord” bollocks up their arse imo. I’d vote for a republic tomorrow here or there given half a chance.
  10. The goal line officials used to look like they’ve been pulled out of a butcher’s shop to help out too. Dunno if they still wear that get up?
  11. There’s a new star in heaven tonight (* sob *). If we get the fucking holiday.
  12. it’s only useful in one direction
  13. Looks like a railway station, only less useful
  14. He likes to come in the back gate innit fnaar fnaar
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