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  1. It’s a perfect scenario for Bruce. If things go well, he’s a genius. If things go badly, its not his fault….
  2. I’ve got used to these pitiful transfer windows so I’ve got no expectation whatsoever. I don’t bother with any transfer gossip, in our case it’ll definitely be made up.
  3. It’s like Ashley is playing cunt bingo with the club. John Terry would be house….
  4. Shit and shitter. The sequel to dumb and dumber but without the laughs
  5. “Where’s the bloody manager?! I demand blood clots!”
  6. I imagine he is mainly made of gravy, in the same way normal people are mainly made of water.
  7. Let’s not rule out the possibility that he’s just a thick cunt who bullshits to cover his incompetence. I cant put Bruce and savvy in the same sentence personally
  8. It’s all about “value” or something. At times like these I expect Charnley sits under his desk sucking his thumb until the phone stops ringing..
  9. The NZ process, which was originally the same as the English version, is simple and quick. There’s really no reason to persist with this antiquated way of doing things, other than lining the pockets of self interested lawyers and agents. The biggest rip off here is estate agents who earn large commissions for doing nothing and have zero expertise. There are 3 or 4 large companies in Auckland - all franchises - and the agents are self employed, so there is no accountability and the industry is “self regulated” by a de facto cartel. On the plus side there is no stamp dut
  10. Auckland is more mental than Christchurch I think. If interest rates rise, a lot of people here are going to be fucked
  11. He’d only feel the same if his son was run over by a speedboat driven by a dick head, shirley?
  12. It’s a game of endurance. Your love of NUFC vs Ashley’s heart and liver (or possibly the Premier League’s ability to delay)
  13. Completely agree. Not giving Rashford and Sancho some time to touch the ball was a serious mistake. He also needed to do something to change the shape second half as we played too deep and let the Italians come at us. You could feel the goal was coming, and it was a relief when Chiesa went off.
  14. It’s nailed on Allardyce will think it’s down to him as well. Probably something to do with sports science and statistical analysis rather than bungs though
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