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  1. It is pretty impressive for a run of the mill third tier side
  2. I wouldnt want to tell the Saudis that I love Jesus and want to bring him to the club…
  3. Pickford’s out of reach
  4. Bag o’ pus more like 🤮
  5. Kitman


    After which they were known as Nieu Kassel? Ok,ok, I’ll see myself out…
  6. I think he’ll find Eddie has to do nothing of the sort
  7. The main thing I remember about a documentary about Rodgers years ago when he was at Liverpool was how much he was always touching the players. Like overly touchy touchy in a wrong un kind of way.
  8. Kitman


    Is there anyone more fit and proper for Chelsea than Mike Ashley?
  9. They’re not really bothered about human rights, they just want to shit on our good times because Bruno is worth more than their entire club
  10. 2-nil to Huddersfield at home. He’s working his magic again
  11. Edwards comes across as seriously narcissistic in the stuff I see on here. As in suffering from a personality disorder.
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