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  1. Completely agree Howay. When Bruce was appointed, we all knew he would be dog shit because he’s been dog shit his entire managerial career. His son is peddling the myth that if only he had the players and resources, we’d be vaulting up the table. His record shows otherwise, every team he manages gets worse over time and typically ends in the sack or a sudden departure. As Howay says, he’s worked with some of these players for a long time now and they look terrible because they cant do the basics well. Then he goes on television and slags them off. He can’t even get the defenc
  2. Is anyone saying we deserve a trophy? From what I can tell most people are overjoyed to be shot of Ashley and are looking forward to some serious investment in the club and some ambition
  3. I expect that major decisions like sacking will need to be signed off by the PIF. That will require things to move through PIF channels in Saudi and who knows how long that takes. They won’t have preapproved something like this as it’s all moved very fast, and presumably it wont be just about Bruce but the football structure and who they appoint there
  4. In my opinion there’s a large amount of animosity and resentment towards NUFC supporters that dates from the Keegan days when we were Sky’s poster child. This is now playing itself out in attacks in the media and social media, the strawman being that if we don’t walk away from our club we support human rights abuses and a tyrannical regime. Of course our protests against Ashley were ignored by the sane people and supporters have always been treated as extras in a showbiz production. Now somehow we're supposed to have a say in who owns our club, applying moral standards that literall
  5. I’m sure they would be but they’re actually in League One, the old third division. And have been for several seasons
  6. Seriously how rotten is football when a perma-wank manager like Bruce gets 8 million quid for doing an incompetent half arsed job? 8 million for having the club one place better than rock bottom? He’ll pretend he’s hard done by and should’ve been given a chance but he’s basically been holding out for the sack and the equivalent of a lotto win. Its crazy. Mike’s parting gift obviously…
  7. It used to be they were the north east top dog. Then they dropped two divisions. Then they were the morally superior club until their star player became a convicted paedophile. Then they were the classy club until they were taken over by the chuckle brothers, had to repair their own seats and couldnt afford to repair the lifts. Now they’re the north east’s most liked club. Another made up accolade that nobody but them cares about. Its just sad
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