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  1. All worthwhile considering Qatar’s great footballing tradition, burgeoning population and global reach. Eh Sepp?
  2. Well put. He’s also horrible to look at and listen to as well as being a complete charlatan
  3. Because the game is a foot? I’ll get me coat
  4. am I the only one who got this? (So is Stuck in the middle with you)
  5. I have high hopes for their new 11 year old owner and his trust fund
  6. At least if Bruce gets the sack in the next few games, we won’t get Allardyce as his replacement. Although that would be funny in a grim kind of way.
  7. I’m sure you’re right. However when you’re disinterested in the club, maybe don’t leave it to a unqualified cretin to run and an incompetent drunk to manage. It’s not going to end well regardless of how compliant they are.
  8. It’s baffling that Ashley will spunk millions on a useless piece of shit like joelinton - a huge transfer fees and wages - and not a decent manager. The incremental cost in wages must be comparatively minor to signing a mediocre player but the return - even just guaranteeing PL status - would be tremendous. Just someone like Eddie Howe who seems competent and sober, unlike our present manager. Also the refusal to invest in the academy - the epitome of short sighted stupidity and a false economy when he’s owned the club for something like 15 years. tldr - our owner is a stupid fa
  9. Fulham have momentum, we are circling the bowl. I’m expecting the 7 points to disappear quicker than you can say “now that’s magic” in a high pitched yorkshire accent
  10. Trying to second guess Ashley is pointless. I used to think he was smart but all the evidence suggests he’s pigshit thick and disinterested to boot
  11. Breathtaking cuntistry. Edwards is truly the arseholes’ arsehole
  12. Very true. With any other owner he’d be counting his severance pay and getting pissed. Instead of impersonating a football manager and getting pissed.
  13. I’m surprised it took this long for the wheels to come off tbh. Given his only requirement is to keep us in 17th place, he’ll be safe from the sack unless we sink into the bottom 3. Unless he asks Ashley to spend any money on transfers
  14. There’s nothing in Bruce’s record to suggest he’s ever been a decent manager over a sustained period, and he’s got worse as his career’s progressed. I see him as the David Brent of football management - having a bit of craic with the lads, trying to impress them with tales of his Man Utd days, while they doss about and take the piss out of him behind his back. I doubt he does much more than watching training and picking the team tbh. The quality of the squad is no excuse for the slack/amateurish football, disorganisation, tactical ineptitude and demotivated/demoralised players. Like
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