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  1. ffs theres no need for that is what she said baddum tish
  2. Well obviously we’re disappointed. We don’t want to make excuses but Zahra knows what she needs to do and she hasn’t really got anywhere near the standard we expect, she’ll tell you that herself. We dont know what more we can do, we’ve been in the landlord game a long time, maybe the penny will drop soon. Obviously we’re disappointed but we will just have to stick our heads down and carry on.
  3. I love this bit - as if the sorrows weren’t already completely fucked (amazing that he made it to 56 years of age) Werbeniuk drank 28 pints of lager and 16 whiskies over the course of 11 frames during a match against Nigel Bond, in January 1990 – after which Werbeniuk then consumed an entire bottle of Scotch to "drown his sorrows" after losing the match
  4. Hats off to the mackems - this season they’ve really cemented their place as both a League One side and the third best team in the North East. Great stuff and I look forward to seeing what they can achieve next season with their 18 year old chairman
  5. The whole thing is bizarre and he has zero credibility. Which is unsurprising given he looks and acts like a joke and has the surname Storey (if that is his real name). If Rich Energy were a genuine company I wouldn’t want him anywhere near it in any capacity.
  6. Bruce is a shit old alcoholic dinosaur. A total fraud of a manager and a horrible narcissist. Looks like someone made his face out of mashed potato and talks bollocks. Please resign.
  7. I don’t normally watch Fat Sam’s interviews - his droning whinge makes me want to skewer my eardrums - but I made an exception after tonight’s match. Thoroughly enjoyable, looked like he’d just trod dog shit through his house.
  8. This has underlined what a bunch of horrible blood sucking cunts these 6 clubs are. Be great if they were all docked a massive amount of points to ensure they can’t qualify for the CL.
  9. It can be a challenge when you sleep in a van and wash in public toilets
  10. Doesn’t surprise me given the Hitler moustache* * camouflaged by a large unkempt tramp beard
  11. This proposal goes to show how much contempt these owners have for the fans. As if any evidence were needed that is
  12. Bizarre. Theyve got even less to do with it than we have. And we’ve got fuck all to do with it
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