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  1. It’s hardly a glamour tie. I wonder if anyone will notice
  2. Shame. He’s not much of a CV after 32 years of effort.
  3. It’s a staggering level of delusion, isn’t it? Come manage our shitty League 1 club with a shit squad and shit owners in a shit town....on shit pay and with shit all money to spend. Oh yes, and enjoy the dog’s abuse from the shit fans unless you ace promotion from day 1. Tempting isn’t it?
  4. Jesus man, have some patience. He uses his own piss in every can, it takes a little time to fill them all
  5. I thought Parkinson was doing a great job. If you don’t support SAFC that is
  6. Presumably The Athletic doesn’t count mindlessly hoofing the ball forward as possession
  7. Until he gets injured and then he’ll be like Carroll
  8. Isn’t it obvious de Marco’s saying the deal is brown bread? Or perhaps he’s saying it’s high in fibre and nutritious too? Fuck him, he can stick his artisan bread up his arse. Show me some real evidence not some fucking home made bread.
  9. Is Lawrenson still working He clearly lost interest in football years ago
  10. I expect he doesn’t care what he looks like as long as people are talking about him and he generates clicks.
  11. I think he chases controversy to give himself relevance. The journalistic equivalent of Talksport
  12. Very sorry to hear about your loss. Best wishes to you and your family.
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