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Mail Merge in Word...

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I'm putting an address block into a letter... and all is going perfectly (using the mail merge wizard.... all going well...)


Except, it's insisting on putting the Post Code onto the same line as the Town and County. Which is very annoying, because I *NEED* it on a separate line. And I've clicked all sorts of stuff, but nothing is giving me the option to put it on a separate line.


Any ideas??




[Edit: DON'T WORRY! Sorted it now!!] :lol:

Edited by Lou

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Peasepud, shoosh you. Shouldn't you be be easy stealing Emre for me??


And yes, the solution WAS very simple in the end.... but only once you had it so that it actually LISTENED to you... the number of times I'd change it, then preview the next address and it was back the same way.... grr.


But sorted - my next question may or may not concern the printing of labels. I've not got onto that bit yet....

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OK, stupid question time again!!!!


I need to print out my letter showing the mail merge fields. Whilst I can get the mail merge fields to show by doing the 'toggle' thing.... it doesn't want to print it like that, it just prints the actual names/addresses that have been mail merged in.


Do you get what I mean??


So: how do I make it print off the actual fields instead??




[EDIT - sorted. Joinees reply quicker than football fans. Tsk at you all!]

Edited by Lou

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