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  1. They should probably put a pin in that one and wait until William succeeds him as we'll have to do it all again in about 5 years... probably.
  2. What a frustrating afternoon. Our midfield are very average without Bruno and ASM. As for that VAR decision, less said about that the better. Also wish Eddie would sometimes make his subs a bit earlier.
  3. Come on Fish, you're better than that. Clearly I was alluding to you being a cunt.
  4. You just need the bow tie and pocket square.
  5. In hindsight, big Joe should have gone to the corner instead of whipping in that cross.
  6. Eddie said as much in his pre-match interview. Not that you'd expect him to give anything away mind but I think he may have been a bit more "fuzzy" about it if we still had targets for this window.
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