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  1. Opposite for me after a colleague pissed me right off last week by saying that "we never beat them", then had the fucking cheek to mock me when I bought up the 3-1 win in Highbury many moons ago. Fucking twat, clearly we have beaten them, couldn't give a fuck how far back it was - although I know there's been a couple (3?) more recent wins, but that one stands out as it put that London jinx crap to bed and had them behaving like proper little cunts that led to a Thierry Henry suspension I believe. Anyway, hope we twat them so I can wind the dickhead up. Plus no Champions League for them next season could mean us getting Jesus.
  2. I'd have then both tbh, subject to Lingards wage demands. He supposedly wants to stay up north to save uprooting his family so that puts us in poll position over West Ham, assuming we want him of course.
  3. Conversely, we can overlook a players defensive frailties if he's doing the business at the other end. Unfortunately ASM doesn't manage that either. I'd say the only thing he's bringing to the side at the moment is legs. When we're under the cosh, he's usually a decent outlet if we can get it to him as he has the ability to run the ball out of defence... although he invariably runs into trouble in the final third, loses the ball and puts us back under pressure again.
  4. Hopefully Spurs will beat the bin dippers on Sat, then we're okay to go out and win this one.
  5. On the plus side, that should be a guaranteed 6 points next season.
  6. No thanks. He's piss poor and well below the standard I hope we're planning on bringing in. Case in point, when they were playing us, he was played through and could have simply dinked it over Dúbravka for a goal. Instead he opted to take it around the keeper and then cross it.
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