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  1. Lou

    The Mighty Boosh

    Anyone at the show last night then?? I ended up getting tix for the April show (yay!)... but I went to the afterparty last night.... had a little chat with Rich (Bob Fossil), and Noel (Vince) loved my Boosh outfit.... yay! I just bought a ticket to see them in London, in April, the night they're filming it to make a live DVD. Second row tickets! Now I just need to find somewhere to stay that night. Ahh dear... I should really think these things through PROPERLY....! But... YAY!... can't wait!!!!!
  2. If they make it so that they open less boxes at a time when they get closer to the end... people go further with it..... if you know you're going to knock out another 3 figures if you go No Deal, then you know your odds of knocking out the high figures are pretty high. If you're only going to open one, or even two, then it's a bit more tempting to just go for it... It's crappy when they Deal when there's still a bazillion numbers left on the board. Gah. This show winds me up no end. It's SO god damn frustrating. I love it.
  3. Lou

    Oi Sonatine!

    I miss Sonty. And Godzookie. And the good old days. If this was a movie, there'd be a black-n-white montage with happy-yet-nostalgic music right about.... NOW.
  4. A promising season start for Jenson... genuinely a disappointment that he didn't make it onto the podium. Fingers crossed him and the car keep looking so strong. He'd better work on his starts though!! He didn't move for *ages* after the lights went out..! Tsk. My ITV reception is crappy at uni, I get an ok picture but the sound is appalling. So I listened to the radio 5live commentary, which was great for two reasons... 1) NO JAMES ALLEN!!!!!!!!!! Thank fuck for that. 2) They got Johnny Herbert in the commentary box, to be the 3rd commentator!! YAY! He was great.... because he knows what he's talking about, and doesn't say dumb stuff. However, they did piss me off with regular mistakes which they then didn't correct..... "he's come out of the pits behind button" they say, yet I'm looking at the TV and can see that jenson's actually several cars back. And the number of times they mixed up Jens/Rubens. Bah. BUT, other than that, a lot more enjoyable to listen to than James Allen. That man makes me yell at the TV in anger WAY too much. Hooooooooooooooooray - so excited that it's back!!!!!!! I love F1... esp when the annoying pointy german doesn't win. Hoorah!
  5. Just throw them on the megabus. They might not like the 6 and a half hour trip.... but your wallet will sing you songs of praise if you get a return trip to London for £2.
  6. Lou


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cath!!!! Hope it's being a good 'un!
  7. If you bought LOADS of stuff there, though, then the 10% off would cover the cost of the travel! Woo - free holiday!! You just don't look on the bright side of these things, Mr Z....
  8. 1. Click: http://www.thechurchills.net/html/virgin.pdf 2. Print out. 3. Spend by the middle of next month, and get 10% off at Virgin Megastores. 4. Be happy. This is a US offer only. Enjoy. Use as many vouchers as you like!
  9. Lou

    Old Wives Tales

    My grandmother keeps telling me that this is the perfect remedy to illness: 1. Lie in bed. 2. Place an object (eg. a bottle) at the end of the bed, where you can see it. 3. Drink so much vodka that it looks like there's two bottles at the end of the bed. 4. Sleep. 5. Wake up feeling better.
  10. The Beatles - Hey Bulldog. Bloody love this song. Tiz sehr cool.
  11. Lou

    The Mighty Boosh

    Bah... tickets for March are sold out, and I can't make the April date. Dammit. Oh well. I suppose it keeps a few extra pennies in my pocket. Which was the original plan anyways. Goodo.
  12. Eh? Did someone collapse at the ground? I didn't hear about this. 97201[/snapback] A chap in his mid fifties I would guess, it was about 40 minutes before kick-off. Paramedics came running from all areas and they got him on a stretcher and had to force their way past fans stood by the hoardings watching the lads warm up. Mate who sits behind me said it looked like he'd gone when he came into the ground and saw the medics working on him. 97210[/snapback] When I came in a few mins before kick off there was a guy on a stretcher by an ambulance just outside the turnstiles, being worked on by the paramedics. Didn't look good at all. Poor guy
  13. Lou

    The Mighty Boosh

    Reaaaaalllllllyyyyy want to........ but..... hmm...... *trying to be financially sensible* ...
  14. I am wise and watch them all nervous excitedly waiting for it happen... with my finger over the volume control... so that the split second that the loud yelling / screaming / freaky laughing / etc starts I can turn the sound down.... and then I tend to giggle quite a lot. I do still jump lots though
  15. I love how you just KNOW it's going to happen.... but it still makes you jump like hell when it does
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