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Wanting to send some email adverts to companies.


Is there free software for doing this?


Does any of the Microsoft office suite do this?


Not wanting anything flash, just a few pictures and a bit of blurb.


Anyone got any ideas?

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Some broadband providers will bollock you for sending too many emails in bulk so be careful.


The best thing to do would be to get the email ready and add each address manually and then save the email and use it as a template, obviously replace the content of the mail but keep the addresses the same.

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Cheers Tom. They will be pin pointed and sent one at a time so there shouldn't be a problem.


Where I'm stuck is can you just copy a picture into an email, add some text and send it and it will arrive at the other end like that?


Do you have to create a web page and send that by mail.


I want something that appears as an add at the other end and not an attatchment.

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You create a web page as such however theres a lot of complexity around HMTL emails, because of Outlook not adhering to the standards at all then you've basically got to create the page using the old method of tables rather than nice, proper semantic markup.


You need a fixed width to the mail rather than a fluid design as that wont work correctly.


You also have to set your DOCTYPE correctly otherwise you simply get gumph out at the other end.


You'll need to test it in a range of email clients too as many act totally differently.


If you send me the webpage you want, I'll convert it and show you how it needs to be done (as long as you've got time for me to do it at the weekend.)

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Cheers for that pud (sounds like quauntum physics) !!!


I thought someone might say "download easy email creator 7....."


I haven't drafted the ad yet but will be doing it next week as some unlucky fucker has to ferry all you drunkards around over the bank holiday.



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I'd use a proper Email Marketing tool such as MailChimp. They offer a PAYG service which is cheap for 1 offs. Using tools like this reduce the chance your mailout will be marked as spam or even filtered out completely. Mass mailouts from std email addresses generally get flagged as spam and can result in your address being blacklisted. This can effect the email you send/receive in the future as many spam filters will not accept email from blacklisted sources.


Tools like Mailchimp come with templates and editors for you to tweak your design with and the templates are written to work across the major email programs.


Getting email Marketing right can be difficult but doesnt have to be expensive. Sending emails out to companies from your personal email address generally comes across as rather small-time too.

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