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Kevin S. Assilleekunt

Newcastle DVDs no fee except P&P

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Clearing out a load of shite and I've got a pile of DVDs to give to charity yada yada yada. I figured since I live in the North-West it might be better to see if anyone on here wants them so they'll end up in the hands of Toon fans and not some devious bastards.


I've got:


Keegan's Kingdom

Magpie Magic (case is a bit damaged)

501 Goals

Shearer the Legend


I've also got a book: Going for Goal - Alan Shearer the secret of my success.


If anyone wants any of them there's no charge for the DVDs, just need to sort out P&P.

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Keegan's Kingdom


Newcastle United in the 90s. A tribute to Kevin Keegan's glorious reign - how it all began..... and how it ENDED.


Running time 65 minutes.




Newcastle United 501 Goals


501 of Newcastle's Greatest Goals.


Running time 150 minutes approx


DVD Extras - Toon Top Twelve/Own Goals/Past Masters/Just for the Record/Web link to NUFC.co.uk

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