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New Xbox console in development..


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Be more interested in Nintendo's successor to the Wii than anything Sony and Microsoft come up with.


Although give it enough time the latter will steal the idea and make a shitter version anyway.


the Wii U is announced and coming already


and its a total fuck up

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I get the impression that the Wii U is more or less the same thing but with a controller with a screen on it. Good idea if you share one TV and want to continue playing your game whilst your mrs watches X Factor, a gimmick otherwise.


In terms of games we'll probably get the same old tired franchises, plus more multi-format games because its tech is much closer to 360/PS3 in terms of power and quality. It's not significantly bette tech however, and will almost certainly be obliterated by the next Xbox/PS4.


The PS3's Move is a better product in my opinion (but since it's not a standard controller it's of course not as well supported as the Wii is), whilst Kinect's technology is very different (and will continue to improve). End of the day though it's about the games and how well supported the consoles are. Besides, If I had the choice between playing with a controller and motion controls it would be the former every time.

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the problem with the Wii U is that you can only use 1 of the screen controllers at any time


the Vita in tandem with the PS3 already has everything in place to do what Nintendo actually told everyone the Wii U would do "you can all have a screen in your hands while playing"


as for point two there, if reports are to be believed then the Wii U will have less than a year of being the only next next gen console since the next Xbox is (supposedly) coming next year and devs have already got the kits to make games for it, theyre not going to bother making Wii U games the same as the 360/ps3 games since the controls are such a bastard to translate the pattern will be the same as it was this generation

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I'll probably get a Wii U as I imagine it'll be as easy to softmod as the Wii.


Playstation Move would be good fun if it was just nothing but light-gun games I can dive around my living room to. They should port Ghost Squad but throw in even more stupid unlockables. That Sports Champions disc golf game is fun though, if a tad slight on courses. In fact, if there was downloadable Disc Golf courses, me and my friends would have supported it.


With regards to Nintendo consoles, they fucking LOVE peripherals. They're well aware of every shortcoming but they'll throw something in later on that you need to buy to utilise 2 controllers. Like when they waited two years to give you the ability to speak over their ridiculously shit online system through an overpriced microphone and then only gave it compatibility in a few games. Or the Gameboy Advance connector that was only really useful in Zelda games.

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