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This would be a great way of re-establishing the bond between the team and the fans.



Pay all players a flat £10K a week.


At the end of the season the season ticket holders fill in a multiple choice card which allocates the remainder of a pre-determined figure among the squad.


Maybe a band system where E equals no extra up to A which would add the maximum.



Much like the Fantasy Football you'd have £X amount to share among the squad.



Injured players would be encouraged back sooner *ahem* and genuine cases would stilll be on a cracking retainer.



Ok there are some holes, and it's too sensible to ever be implemented but whaddya think?

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And that was the product of a brainwave?  Jesus.




As you were bonehead. ;)



Are you off your meds again? Please go mental like you used to. ;)



Let's go fuckin' mental, let's go fuckin' mental, la la la la, la la la la.


Ahhh, the good old days :D


Shoes off if you love the Toon ??? Puffs! :lol:

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