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Well, what an unsurprising exercise in futility of that was. One guy says fuck off, the others fall about themselves, hooting with joy at (what one LAD describes as) a MAG being "comprehensively torn apart". Holy shitballs we need to spend more money on education. :lol:


Anyway, the one lad who came on here and a mackem mate have provided answers.

What's your pre-derby rituals? Anything different from a normal match?

WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -Go to town, not really just do it earlier


Fletcher has started really well, but Sessegnon hasn't picked up where he left off. Different team focus, or just poor form so far?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Poor Form

Hoggy -
Sessegnon had an injury in pre season and his first appearance was against Arsenal, i think with games coming thick and fast now and no more international breaks for a while he'll get sharper. However the arrival of Johnson should take the weight of creating chances off him slightly. So to answer the question i think its a bit of both.


How do you feel the atmosphere differs at the SOL and what do you miss about Roker Park?



WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Never experienced a game at RP

Hoggy -
Atmosphere at SOL generally much better than Roker, although my dad may disagree having seen a lot more games at RP. What do i miss? Nothing springs to mind.


Which Sunderland player do you predict will have a big season?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Obviously Fletch but Mig anarl besides Fletcher hes been our best player

Hoggy -
Big season for Adam Johnson, delighted we signed him and Fletcher looks worth the price tag. We also have a very good young goalkeeper in Mignolet and Danny Rose looks good.


Which Sunderland player do you predict will have a disappointing season?



WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
McClean hes been found out and needs to change his game

Hoggy -
Disappointing season for McClean - the kid needs to tweet less, as good as he was in the 2nd half of last season right backs around the league could have found him out from what i've seen so far.


What's a realistic aim for Sunderland this season? Have you sufficiently strengthened to achieve this?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Securely finish in the top 10 and if we exceed expectations top 7

Hoggy -
Realistic aim would be 8th (with an outside chance of 6th, see below) and maybe a trip to wembley. Yes, a left back, right winger and 1 or 2 strikers was what i was hoping for from the summer.


Who will win the Premier League this year and why?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
City due to the size and quality of their squad

Hoggy -
League winners - Man Utd - Rooney and RVP will fire them to the title.


How do you see the top 6 panning out? and why?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Not to disimilair to last season, cant see yous finishing top 6 though. (Not Fishing For Bites, serious answer)

Hoggy -
Rest of top 5 - Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, probably in that order. I predict Mancini will not be City manager by the end of the season. 6th is there for the taking for a lot of teams, Everton (my tip to get it), Liverpool, both north East teams, even WBA after the start they've had.


Which teams will be relegated and why?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Reading Southampton and QPR

Hoggy -
So'ton, good going forward not good at back. Norwich - 2nd season to hit them worse than the Swansea and (despite their bad start) QPR. Reading, Wigan and Villa to be in a battle all season and i'll go for Wigan's luck to run out to have tears at the DW in May.


Why do you hate Newcastle?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Same reason every football fan hates their derby

Hoggy -
Hate is a strong word, i prefer strongly dislike smile Other than the 'you have to hate your local rivals' stuff, a lot of your fans think football was invented in when Keegan arrived in the early 90s, and that apparently you have a divine right to be in the top flight. Also at the moment you have the knack of beating us more often than not


Who will be your danger man/men against Newcastle?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Fletcher and AJ

Hoggy -
Our dangermen - Fletcher, Johnson, the free kicks of Larsson/Gardner. I'll chuck Sessegnon and McClean in too depending on their mood/who your right back is.


Which Newcastle players are you worried about?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Ba and HBA, can see Cisse in JOS' back pocket again

Hoggy -
Yours - Ba (in form) Ben Arfa (good player) Shola (neither in form a good player in comparison but we both know what he does when we meet).


Finally, what do you reckon the score will be?


WillyWongaAndTheWongaDome -
Cant help but have a bad feeling about it but im ganna say well sneak a 2-1

Hoggy -
Finally, head says 2-2 (Larsson & Fletcher) (Ba & Ameobi), Heart says any kind of win (Bramble with a late winner)!



Bardsley and McClean look to return for them and while the former should slot straight in there's rumblings on wearside that McClean's not been performing to the high standards he set last season.


I'd expect to see something like:


Bardsley O'Shea Cuellar Rose

Johnson Colback Larsson McClean




Although that midfild looks a bit lightweight, so they might pull in Vaughan or Gardner?


If we play the first choice defensive unit of



Simpson Colo Taylor Santon



I can't see them troubled. I think Fletcher is in form, rather than being a great striker, still needs watching though. Coloccini's return makes our defense better by several orders of magnitude, so even if Anita or Williamson take the place of Simpson and Taylor I'd fancy a clean sheet.


I personally want 4-3-3 with a midfield of Tiote, Cabaye and Jonas, HBS Ba and Cisse up front. But Ireckon it'll be 4-4-2 with HBA and Jonas out wide.


If Cabaye and Tiote own the midfield and we stifle the supply to Fletcher, I think we can rely on the forwards to create against a fairly pedestrian defence.



However, they're playing ok and have an on form striker, an on form 'keeper, and we're at their place and they'll be fired up by the various quotes from our side of things. It's a Derby, I've got no idea what's going to happen. Keep our heads, keep Fletcher isolated and we won't concede. At the other end of the pitch?



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