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What Football Manager predicted

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Premier League Pre-Season Simulation 2014/15
Chelsea are crowned Premier League champions on 84 points
Manchester City finish 2nd, some 5 points behind
Arsenal claim 3rd place with Manchester United 4th
Liverpool (5th) and Everton (6th) round out the European places with Spurs in 7th
At the bottom of the table Burnley finish bottom with West Brom and Hull joining them in the Championship next season
Manchester City score the most goals with 92
Burnley concede the most goals, shipping 78
Top scorers
1 Sergio Aguero (21 goals)
2 Daniel Sturridge (17 goals)
3 Wayne Rooney (17 goals)
4 Olivier Giroud (15 goals)
5 Romelu Lukaku (14 goals)
Clive BrunskillGoals: Sergio Aguero is predicted to be Premier league top scorer on Football Manager
Players with highest average rating
1 Eden Hazard (7.75)
2 Wayne Rooney (7.52)
3 Oscar (7.46)
4 Raheem Sterling (7.37)
5 Leighton Baines (7.31)
Full Premier League Table
1 Chelsea
2 Manchester City
3 Arsenal
4 Manchester United
5 Liverpool
6 Everton
7 Tottenham
8 Newcastle
9 Swansea
10 Stoke
11 Southampton
12 Sunderland
13 Crystal Palace
14 Leicester
15 West Ham
16 Aston Villa
17 QPR
18 Hull
19 West Brom
20 Burnley



Not that far off.




Only really Newcastle that are miles off.

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It's a lot more accurate with the top teams than the bottom ones. Still impressive though.

3 out of the bottom 4 isn't bad.

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Last one I played was 2006 I think, must've improved a lot as you used to get daft stuff like Arsenal 14th Bolton 2nd etc. Think it was either CM4 or FM 2005 where after about 3 years I had Shola valued about £35m and Dyer about £30m.

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3 out of the bottom 4 isn't bad.


I suppose - it's just that the top 5 are all in perfect order. I guess that sort of supports the idea that the top clubs have managed a lot of the unpredictability out of the game. You'd probably need a wider sample of leagues to see how well it stacks up though, could be random.

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