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Anyone know who the 3 "corrupt" clubs are.....

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Be VERY careful


stick to what the NOWT has publisheed - you can bet it has been crawled over by some of the best legal brains in the business




Eriksson exposes manager he claims is most corrupt




By Mazher Mahmood


ENGLAND coach Sven Goran Eriksson has sensationally claimed top Premiership clubs are riddled with corruption.


The Swede accused managers of pocketing cash from transfer deals during taped meetings with a News of the World undercover reporter, we can reveal today.


And he and his agent Athole Still named THREE teams they suspect of links to the bungs scandal now rocking the Football Association.


CLUB ONE is a struggling Premiership outfit whose manager Eriksson labelled "the worst" at taking backhanders.


CLUB TWO is one of the country's most famous names whose boss Still accused of being involved in a big transfer "scam" .


CLUB THREE is another leading side which allegedly paid over the odds for players in "illegal deals".


The explosive claims of Eriksson and his agent came at meetings in Dubai with our reporter who was posing as a rich Arab. We were there to speak to him about a coaching role at a football academy but Sven suggested our man buy Aston Villa and agreed to run it.


In startling new revelations we can also reveal how Eriksson:


SUGGESTED he went SCOUTING for Villa because he was taking the offer so seriously.


OFFERED to move house from London to the Midlands, and


DUMPED on Man United manager Alex Ferguson—accusing him of treating players like schoolboys—and also Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.


Last week we revealed how Eriksson—under contract to the FA until 2008—even discussed ways of wriggling out of his England contract after the World Cup to become manager of the Midlands side at £5million a year.


But when it came to discussing money that our Arab might make available for new players for Villa, this is the astonishing exchange that took place between Eriksson, Still and our man:


Sven: "If I come there (Aston Villa) I don't want to have anything to do with money, money to transfer, because in England it's always this (sways from side to side to indicate wheeler-dealing)"


Reporter: "Do managers always get involved with transfers?"


Sven: "Yeah (muffled) and of course they put money in their pocket (signals left hand in pocket to indicate backhanders)."


The discussion then turned to the manager of Club One. We cannot identity him or the club for legal reasons. We will call him Coach X.


Reporter: "There's a chap who comes on television, I always think he looks like a stereotypical dodgy manager, X. You see the way he comes across, he really does..."


Sven: "He's the worst."


Still: "He's the worst?"


Reporter: "He's the most corrupt?"


Sven: "Yeah."


Still: "Can I tell you something? I've known X for 20 years. He is in many respects like a mate... (but) I've never done a deal...Do you know why? Because X knows that I'm not corrupt."


Still then went on to name a second manager—also a household name—whom he no longer deals with.


He accused the respected coach, who manages Club Two, of pulling "a big scam. Camouflage! A smoke screen!" over a bung attempt. Again, we cannot reveal the details.


In a different part of the conversation, Still named Club Three and said: "At the risk of being presumptuous, do not, I will not allow you to make the mistake that (Club Three) did and certain other clubs by paying far too much for certain players because of illegal deals with agents and managers, or even agents and chief executives, or even agents and chairmen. It's a cesspit!"


It was in reaction to the conversations about these clubs that Sven made damning comments about managers putting "money in their pockets".


But for all Eriksson's allegations about managers and money, cash was never far from his discussions with our man about Villa.


Eriksson wanted a £15 million three-year contract "after tax". He eagerly offered to go scouting and watch Villa — AND he said it would be no trouble moving home. He told our man the keys to him doing the job were "the price to buy the club. And then how much are you willing to invest the next year. I think that's the most important."


When our man asked if Sven would be willing to re-locate in Birmingham, Sven replied: "Yes, yes. In that case yes."


Watch Sven discussing his dodgy deal with our reporters by clicking on one of the links below

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Don't know how much we can speculate on this but the stereotypical dodgy manager might be more at home selling jellied eels down the market or bare-knuckle boxing to make cash for his new caravan, perhaps?


EDIT: I'm alluding to 2 separate people there.

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I do worry about a deal that never happened - note the word "scam" - not deal, not transfer....


"scam" - an interesting word - nearly as interesting as "boss" - they could have used "manager" or "coach" or.......


and there was only one "scam" apparently at this particular club



mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm let me think

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He accused the respected coach, who manages Club Two, of pulling "a big scam. Camouflage! A smoke screen!" over a bung attempt.


I think we're thinking about the same deal, but it was the manager of the club that player ended up going to that was being referred to.

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