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I have no idea for picking up at particular areas but I know that the BackPage store in Chinatown in Newcastle do away supporters bus travel. You pay £2 or £3, can't remember exactly, but you pay that and you get a life's membership in which have a seat on a bus reserved for you and you just pay for the particular game you want to travel to (beware that trips such as Brighton will cost more than say Leeds). The buses stop at service stations but I have no clue whether they'll let you on at the service stations. Normally they pick up supporters at SJP iirc. Hope this was some help, mate.


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Hello all

Is there any supporters clubs or buses willing to pick up(middlesborough area)want to go to a few away games but travel is a nightmare


Dunno if there's any Boro' mags (I'd have thought so), but the best bet is to get in touch with some big NUFC twitter accounts and they'll get the message out.


If that fails, get to Darlington and hop on the East Coast mainline, that'll sort you out for a load of the away days.

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