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  1. Because he's an excellent manager who will cost Ashley less money in his eyes, as because he's so good a coach, he doesn't have to spend as much on higher quality players, hence the previous 3 windows. We'll see what the craic is in the summer, as I think we'll stay up. It's either a takeover, a kitty similar to what McClaren got or another pisstake.
  2. I wouldn't say humiliated. Undermined yes. He wouldn't sign another deal I don't think but I still think he'll be here next season as he has 1 year left. The summer is going to be neurotic.
  3. Rafa wouldn't be here if he hadn't have approached the club though. Ashley wouldn't have thought to go for Rafa Benitez. And he seems to be trying his hardest to act to Rafa and the club's detriment going by the previous 3 transfer windows.
  4. What? What did I say in my post that was delusional? Mike Ashley has never done anything to benefit Newcastle United. To argue otherwise is really, really weird.
  5. No he didn't, Rafa approached the club. Like adios said he fell into Ashley's lap and has so far actively refused to compete. We'll see what happens in the summer, it could be a takeover and everyone unites again like when SJH and KK came in, it could be irritating but bearable ie Rafa gets a similar sized transfer kitty to what McClaren got, or it'll be disastrous; similar to the previous 3 transfer windows.
  6. We'll stay up, 3 wins or 2 wins and 3 draws should be enough imo. Trooper, never take anything Ashley says for granted, whatever he comes out I tend to believe the exact opposite. He's a liar, proven in court. We need to stay up to maximise the chances of a takeover and kicking on with Rafa. If Rafa left all the focus of the fanbases should be on protests/boycotts to force him out. But whilst Rafa is here, the club is worth supporting. Thread title trebled with the "sign on" and "stole my stereo" chants is pure btw.
  7. Transfers The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2017-2018

    The only logical explanation is he's gambling on Benitez' managerial ability to keep us up at minimal cost so he can top up PCP's offer with the money meant to be spent on transfers this season and sell at the maximum profit that he can. Whether that's wishful, I don't know. Apathy is starting creep in. Having new owners next season is far more important than what league we're in next season.
  8. Transfers The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2017-2018

    We strengthened last time in the PL in January. Nee guarantees for anyone but I see your point. The atmosphere amongst those clubs that have strengthened and their fanbases won't be as toxic as here. Ashley's gambling again. Hopefully should we stay up he finally fucks off. If he doesn't then go, all of the fanbase needs to be all out against him. More vitriolic than the McKeag protests hopefully.
  9. Transfers The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2017-2018

    Assuming it's not just out of pure spite, all I could suggest for the reason behind such a farce of a window is that Ashley's accepted he won't get what he wants in a sale and is therefore gambling that Rafa's connection with the fans keeps him here and his managerial ability keeps us up. We're just about coping so far, it's not like we're cut adrift at the bottom of the league and I don't think we've been in the bottom 3 since the opening weekend. So it probably seems like a decent bet. He then takes the unspent transfer and TV money to top up whatever he gets from the sale, cuts his losses and runs.
  10. Transfers The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2017-2018

    As long as Rafa is manager, I'll be going to games and vocally supporting the team. If he goes, I do too.
  11. Transfers The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2017-2018

    Nah, he'll "loan" the club that he owns money to get us back up, then not spend a penny to keep us in the league. Rinse and repeat. NUFC under Ashley.
  12. Going to this. Expecting nowt, will remember nowt as I'm on the piss all day.
  13. 3-1 us. Decent results for us this gameweek, but we need 3 points from this one.
  14. Happy with that, yesterday. Nothing else we could do really and we did it well despite losing. Proud of the lads. Sky shagging us off can fuck off. Saying the PL is now a joke due to the gulf in class? They're the ones mainly fucking responsible for it! Get to fuck. Prefer the siege mentality anyway.

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