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  1. Spurs away and Wolves away moved for TV. 12:30 on a Saturday and 20:00 on a Monday respectively. That's fucking rank, especially that Wolves change. Now it's 13 consecutive Monday night games of ours that have been away from home. So bad you have to laugh, man.
  2. Whey, if Atlanta want between £22m-£30m, and you're positive about that happening, surely that would mean Ashley fucking off? No way is he going to spend that in Jan.
  3. Has he not retired from internationals?
  4. Love a shithouse away win. Onto Fulham, the Tory cunts.
  5. You still live local? I'm 18 on Friday, if this ends up being true I'll buy you many, many pints.
  6. I think a potential sale comes down to how sociopathic he is during negotiations. Rafa is gone if Ashley is still here at the end of the season. I think the two of them both know they see the club as different entities in terms of what it is and what it could be. If Rafa goes, for Ashley to want to carry on his shite of spending minimally to get PL safety, he'd need to spend significantly on the playing staff as the twat brought in as manager will be some clueless cunt. If that happens, relegation will surely happen and no PL and no Rafa would equal a major drop in both value of the club and advertising for his horrid company. I think right now would be the time to sell in terms of maximising profit for the club, but we're relying on the potential buyers not unearthing something that puts them off and upon a sociopath to not be a sociopath while it's going ahead. The chances of both happening at the same time and before it gets too late in January or even before Rafa leaves is what worries me about it, it's not about whether buyers are actually there like some on Twitter claim; Kenyon being complicit in some sort of wider Ashley-Bishop conspiracy to fool the fans. Unfortunately when he is in circumstances such as these takeover talks, you can never second guess the fat wanker.
  7. We still created chances and if we were playing the more defensive 5 at the back system it would've had their centre halves out coming out from their low block and leaving space in behind. No idea how we're going to approach Wolves.
  8. Yep. Think it's mainly to do with the formation tbh. Should've stuck with it for West Ham and let them have the ball. They murdered us on the break.
  9. My point was uptake for the boycott was going to be feeble, just like it was for the walk in. If/when it's confirmed that it's all been bollocks appetite for a boycott will be far higher and more successful. Don't know why it's been so difficult for some to get their head around. The comment section on the Mag has them claiming that the MG and Alex Hurst (wtf) are both Tory Ashley collaborators ffs.
  10. Good result. Cracking defensively in the second half after looking nervous first.
  11. Many have missed the point about it being postponed. It's sensible to wait until after the window closes. If the club isn't sold and players aren't bought protests will renew with some vigour and I'm sure more people will be willing to join in rather than the predictable feeble turnout for the planned boycott. It also prevents Ashley from blaming fan negativity should a takeover not materialise. People responding to TMG with vitriol doesn't bode well for the future, mind.
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