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  1. NUFC Pictures - from days of old.

    More or less the same view inside SJP, 20 years apart.
  2. Premier League fixtures 2018/2019

    Except "leaked" fixture lists are always bollocks.
  3. Summer signings 2018

    Meanwhile Wolverhampton Wanderers are offering €40m for a full back whilst Ashley won't fork out more than £12m for a striker.
  4. Rafa Benitez

    Looking like it's certain to be Pellegrini.
  5. Rafa Benitez

    Their owners are cunts as well mind. I too have seen West Ham fans saying it's all the club putting stories in the press about how much they want Rafa, so they can claim "we tried" when/if they don't. A mantra we're quite accustomed to actually. Everton did it this season: claiming Simeone was "on their list" yet ending up with Lardiola.
  6. Rafa Benitez

  7. Rafa Benitez

    Can't believe some would question Rafa if he went to West Ham. Whilst I don't think he'd join that shit tip of a club, it's down to Ashley for allowing fucking West Ham United, the club whose fans fight amongst each other in their athletics stadium during 0-3 home defeats to Burnley, to sniff around and tap up our manager because he wouldn't give him what he wanted, which isn't a lot. The fact that Rafa's contract talks didn't start after the Arsenal win where safety was secured and the fact that the "talks" are still ongoing shows us Ashley is just doing what he's always done, not giving a fuck. The size of the budget I don't think is an issue, it's whether hypothetically if he wanted spend all of a, say, £80m budget on 1 or 2 players, would he be allowed to do it? Would the club dither on deals like they did on Caballero and Abraham in the summer? Trust is eroded. If a new contract is signed then Rafa has full control assured in writing; if he's fucked around again he can sue for constructive dismissal. I don't think he'll leave us for West Ham btw, but the fact it's been allowed to get to this point shows the leopard never changes it's spots. Though we knew that already, didn't we.
  8. Rafa Benitez

    I don't think it's extreme as the Hegelian dialectal synthesis a few have came to in some posts over the course of the season: no takeover equating to Rafa leaving. The word compete everyone saw in most of his interviews in the summer, his views on the season and future when away on the training camp in Spain. He wants the necessary funds to compete with your Burnleys, your Leicesters, your Evertons and your Bournemouths of the league. We've been able to do just that from January but with players who aren't ours; the total of money these players would cost is up for debate. But a budget of similar to what McClaren was given, £50m-£80m not including player sales which the club has already received or is about to receive via the windfall of TV money would allow us to compete with those clubs and most likely better them, I think most would agree on that. Although the market has changed post-Neymar, look at his Napoli signings and money spent there, Higuain aside. How far the club can go is just whether Rafa is allowed that amount of money. Caulkin put it beautifully after the Arsenal win as he always does: No one is expecting it, that "Newcastle [Ashley] would have the wit to recognise what they have at their fingertips". Read the word that Caulkin put just before that. Hope. That is what kills with NUFC.
  9. Summer signings 2018

    A case can be argued for every position tbh. But, for me: Kenedy Dubravka 2 strikers (Slimani isn't ours, Joselu isn't good enough, keep Gayle as a squad player, if Mitro goes we probably need 3 strikers ) A #10 (no idea who, I'd trust Rafa's judgement) A winger (Murphy is young, unsure on Atsu, keep Ritchie as a squad player) A CB (if Lascelles gets injured/suspended we're a mess defensively) A RB (probably bin Manquillo or just keep as cover for Dummett on the opposite side, sign an upgrade on or better competition for Yedlin) Doubt Rafa will get the funds to get those. I'm convinced he'd turn us into a very decent side with a McClaren sized budget of maybe £50m-£80m, whether he'll get it is another conversation.
  10. Because he's an excellent manager who will cost Ashley less money in his eyes, as because he's so good a coach, he doesn't have to spend as much on higher quality players, hence the previous 3 windows. We'll see what the craic is in the summer, as I think we'll stay up. It's either a takeover, a kitty similar to what McClaren got or another pisstake.
  11. I wouldn't say humiliated. Undermined yes. He wouldn't sign another deal I don't think but I still think he'll be here next season as he has 1 year left. The summer is going to be neurotic.
  12. Rafa wouldn't be here if he hadn't have approached the club though. Ashley wouldn't have thought to go for Rafa Benitez. And he seems to be trying his hardest to act to Rafa and the club's detriment going by the previous 3 transfer windows.
  13. What? What did I say in my post that was delusional? Mike Ashley has never done anything to benefit Newcastle United. To argue otherwise is really, really weird.

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