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SQL summarising

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I'm trying to run the following query, but it's taking ages. Any idea how I can summarise it to speed it up any? 


Td.Cust_Code, td.prod_dept, td.supplier_code,s.supplier_name,
REPLACE(CONVERT(VARCHAR,CONVERT(MONEY,cast(sum(case when record_type in (7,16) and *****.dbo.ftnGetGoLocalTopScheme(td.branch,td.cust_code) like 'g%' then total_value *-1
         when record_type not in (7,16) and *****.dbo.ftnGetGoLocalTopScheme(td.branch,td.cust_code) like 'g%' then total_value
    else 0.00 end)as decimal(10,2))),1),'.00','.00') as [GL Spend]
From Transaction_Details as Td
left outer join dbo.supplier as s on td.supplier_code=s.supplier_code
Where Td.Branch >0 and Td.Date_Transaction Between '2015-06-24' AND '2016-04-29 23:59'

Group By Td.Branch, Td.Cust_Code, td.prod_dept, td.supplier_code, s.supplier_name




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